Greek Super League Clash Suspended After Firework Strikes Player

Greek Super League Clash Suspended After Firework Incident

Tonight’s highly anticipated Greek Super League match between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos took an unexpected turn when a player was hit by a firework, leading to the game’s suspension.

This encounter is known as “Europe’s maddest derby” due to its fierce rivalry and passionate fan base.

The incident occurred early in the second half when the score was tied at 1-1.

Panathinaikos sent their substitutes to warm up along the touchline.

However, the situation turned chaotic as a firecracker thrown from the crowd struck Spanish player Juankar.

Panathinaikos’s social media account reported, “A firecracker falls on the players of our team who are warming up.

Juankar is on the ground injured.

Interruption in the match.

Our team retires to the locker room.”

Juankar, a 33-year-old left-back, received medical treatment and was taken away on a medical cart.

As the fans remained inside the stadium, the delay reached the 60-minute mark, with limited information available on the situation.

Panathinaikos provided another update, indicating that their squad appeared reluctant to leave the changing room.

The situation remains uncertain as the match remains suspended.


The intense rivalry between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos often leads to heated encounters, but the suspension of the match due to a firework incident is a concerning development.

The safety of players should always be a top priority in such high-stakes games, and this incident highlights the need for improved security measures at football matches.

The delay in providing information about the situation is also a cause for concern, as transparency and communication with fans and the public are crucial during such incidents.

It remains to be seen how this incident will be handled and whether it will impact future matches between these two historic rivals.

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