Australia’s Long-Term Resident Mary Ellis, 74, in Peril of Deportation Back to Britain

Australia’s Long-Term Resident Mary Ellis, 74, in Peril of Deportation Back to Britain

Mary Philomena Ellis, a 74-year-old grandmother who has called Australia home for over 40 years, now faces an unsettling reality as the Department of Home Affairs recommends her deportation to Britain.

The prospect of leaving the country she has known for decades has left Mary Ellis “terrified.”

Deportation Order: The Unfolding Dilemma

The Department of Home Affairs has urged Mary Ellis to “depart Australia as soon as possible or face serious consequences.”

This unexpected turn of events has shocked Ms. Ellis, who insists that Australia is her home, and returning to Britain would feel like entering a foreign country.

Background: Mary Ellis’s Life in Australia

Mary Ellis first arrived in Australia in December 1981, accompanied by her partner, Martin Ellis, after a failed marriage in the UK.

They built a life together in Australia, with both contributing to society through work and community involvement. However, recent developments threaten to upend the stability Ms. Ellis has known for decades.

Allegations by Home Affairs: Dealing with Identity Claims

The Department of Home Affairs alleges that Mary Ellis re-entered Australia under a different alias, raising doubts about her eligibility for a specific visa.

The department further claims that her de-facto partner, Martin Ellis, might have operated under an alias, complicating Mary’s status as an ‘absorbed person’ under migration laws.

Proving Her Case: Mary Ellis Shares ‘Proof’

Mary Ellis, now represented by a migration agent, presents evidence refuting Home Affairs’ claims.

Documents, including a job reference from Tasmania, attest to her continuous presence in Australia from 1983 to 1986.

A Medicare enrolment letter signed by the then-Minister of Health supports her case.

Community Contributions: A Model Citizen

Mary Ellis’s contributions to the Australian community are highlighted, emphasizing her volunteer work, awards for community service, and her deep connection to the country.

Despite her age, she remains an active and engaged member of society.

Plea for Understanding: Seeking Compassionate Grounds

In the face of potential deportation, Mary Ellis’s supporters appeal to Immigration Minister Andrew Giles for a reconsideration of her case.

Given her age, exemplary record, and deep ties to Australia, there is hope that compassionate grounds may prevail over strict immigration regulations.

Conclusion: Anxious Times and a Plea for Reconsideration

As Mary Ellis grapples with the looming threat of deportation, the uncertainty surrounding her future creates anxiety.

Calls for a compassionate review of her case underscore the complex interplay between immigration regulations and the human stories that define the immigrant experience.

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