Grainger, UK’s Largest Listed Landlord, Benefits from Rising Wages

Grainger, UK’s Largest Listed Landlord, Benefits from Rising Wages

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Grainger, the UK’s largest listed landlord, has reported positive financial results for the first half of the year.


The company, which rents out 10,000 homes across the UK, experienced a 12% growth in rental income and a 2% increase in adjusted earnings. CEO Helen Gordon attributes this success to rising wages, as the net rental income is strongly linked to wage inflation.

We will explore Grainger’s performance, its outlook, and the ongoing discussion surrounding the Renters’ Reform Bill.

Grainger’s Advantage in a High Inflationary Environment:

According to CEO Helen Gordon, Grainger is well-positioned in times of economic uncertainty due to its status as a “beneficiary” of rising prices and wages.

The company’s net rental income is closely correlated with wage inflation, as it reflects people’s ability to pay.

Gordon emphasizes that Grainger’s properties remain affordable despite the rental increases, as they are in line with wage growth.

Analysis and Commentary:

Grainger’s strong financial performance can be attributed to several factors.


The rising wages in the UK contribute to the affordability of its rental properties, enabling tenants to allocate a reasonable portion of their income towards rent.

The company’s ability to benefit from wage inflation sets it apart from other landlords who may attempt to take advantage of the current supply-demand disconnect.

Grainger’s responsible approach and commitment to affordability are commendable, as it helps alleviate the burden on tenants.

Partnership with Transport for London:

Grainger has formed a joint venture, Connected Living London, with Transport for London (TfL) to develop 1,240 new homes around tube stations.

The acquisition of land for four out of the five schemes from TfL marks a significant milestone for the project.

This partnership demonstrates Grainger’s commitment to expanding its portfolio and meeting the housing demands in London.

Positive Outlook and Market Reception:

CEO Helen Gordon expresses confidence in the outlook for Grainger’s business.

Positive expectations for the occupational market and rental growth, coupled with strong investor demand and a landlord-friendly investment landscape, contribute to the company’s strong position within the sector.


Analysts at Peel Hunt have responded positively to Grainger’s performance, considering the company’s latest update as one of the most optimistic outlook statements in the sector.

This sentiment is reflected in the rise of Grainger’s shares.

Renters’ Reform Bill and Evictions:

Grainger’s CEO, Helen Gordon, welcomes the potential end to no-fault evictions proposed by the Renters’ Reform Bill.

However, she raises concerns about the potential challenges associated with evicting tenants when there is a justifiable cause, such as bad neighbor behavior or antisocial conduct.

Grainger’s key metric is to retain tenants, and while they support the overall objective of the bill, they advocate for a balanced approach to ensure that issues caused by problematic occupants can be effectively addressed.


Grainger’s financial performance, driven by rising wages and responsible rental increases, showcases its ability to navigate economic uncertainties successfully.

The company’s commitment to affordability and partnerships for new housing developments further strengthen its position in the market.

While supporting the Renters’ Reform Bill, Grainger highlights the need for a fair balance between tenant protection and the ability to address genuine issues caused by problematic occupants.


Grainger’s optimistic outlook and positive market reception position it favorably within the sector.

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