Graeme Souness Calls Talkshow to Defend Liverpool Legend Alan Hansen Amidst Serious Illness

Graeme Souness Calls Talkshow to Defend Liverpool Legend Alan Hansen Amidst Serious Illness

Recently, remarks made by Graeme Souness in defense of his former Liverpool teammate Alan Hansen have resurfaced, prompting reflection on Hansen’s illustrious career in the wake of his serious illness.

Hansen, a stalwart of Liverpool for 14 years, achieved unparalleled success during his tenure at Anfield, earning every major honor in English football and solidifying his status as one of the club’s greatest players.

Formidable Partnership

Central to Hansen’s legacy was his formidable partnership with Mark Lawrenson, which formed the bedrock of Liverpool’s defense during an era of dominance.

Their synergy on the pitch, spanning over six seasons, is often hailed as one of the finest defensive pairings in the club’s storied history.

Together, they epitomized excellence and played pivotal roles in Liverpool’s triumphs both domestically and in Europe.

Defense Criticism

However, criticism arose when former Arsenal defender Martin Keown cited Hansen and Lawrenson as examples of players exploiting the lack of a backpass rule to stifle opposition attacks.

Keown’s comments, made during a talkSPORT appearance, sparked controversy as he highlighted Liverpool’s defensive strategy of frequently passing back to their goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar, to reset play.

Souness’ Defense

In response to Keown’s remarks, Graeme Souness, driving at the time, immediately called in to defend his former teammates. Souness vehemently disputed the characterization of Hansen and Lawrenson, asserting their unparalleled skill and tactical acumen.

Drawing from personal experience, having played alongside them for countless matches, Souness extolled their technical prowess and emphasized their proactive approach to the game.

Legacy Upheld

Despite Keown’s acknowledgment of Hansen and Lawrenson’s abilities, he stood by his critique of Liverpool’s defensive tactics. Souness, however, reiterated the exceptional qualities of his former teammates, rebuffing any insinuation that their playing style was lacking or unproductive.

He emphasized their midfield-like abilities and unwavering commitment to forward momentum, dispelling any misconceptions about their defensive strategy.

Update on Hansen’s Health

Amidst the discussion surrounding Hansen’s legacy, Liverpool provided an update on his health, revealing that he is currently hospitalized and seriously ill.

The club expressed solidarity with their former captain, fondly known as “Jockey,” and extended their support to his family during this challenging time.

Hansen battles his illness, the footballing community rallies behind him, honoring his remarkable contributions to the sport and wishing him a speedy recovery.


Graeme Souness’ impassioned defense of Alan Hansen serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Liverpool’s legendary defender.

Amidst tribulations, Hansen’s illustrious career and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to inspire admiration and reverence.

As the footballing world unites in solidarity, thoughts and prayers are with Hansen and his family, hoping for his swift recovery and return to health.