John Cleese Playfully Tells Ed Balls to “Shut Up” on Good Morning Britain

John Cleese Playfully Tells Ed Balls to “Shut Up” on Good Morning Britain

John Cleese’s Visit to Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain viewers were treated to a moment of humor when iconic actor and comedian John Cleese made an appearance on the show.

Cleese joined hosts Ed Balls and Susanna Reid for a lively discussion, covering topics such as his new show on GB News and various other projects.

Cleese’s Positive Experience with GB News

During the interview, John Cleese shared his enthusiasm for GB News, stating that the channel had made him an enticing offer that allowed him significant control over the content of his shows.

However, the conversation took a humorous turn as Ed Balls couldn’t resist interjecting with a playful remark.

Ed Balls’ Witty Interruption

Ed Balls humorously pointed out that John Cleese was currently one of the few presenters joining GB News, as opposed to departing from it.

Cleese responded, acknowledging the channel’s personnel changes, but Ed continued to interject before Cleese could fully answer a question.

The Playful “Shut Up” Moment

In the midst of the back-and-forth banter, John Cleese, at the age of 83, playfully interrupted Ed Balls and humorously quipped, “Will you shut up?” Laughter ensued among the trio, with Susanna Reid chiming in to acknowledge the tendency of Ed to ask questions and then speak over the answers.

Good-Natured Exchange

In the spirit of good-natured teasing, John Cleese jokingly suggested that Ed needed to specify which question he actually wanted him to answer.

Ed, in turn, playfully defended his interviewing style by stating that it’s what interviewers do, to which Cleese replied with a humorous nod to his own extensive experience in interviews.

Amusement of Viewers

The humorous exchange between John Cleese and Ed Balls didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, who took to social media to share their amusement.

Many viewers found Cleese’s candid remark to be a relatable sentiment, and the playful interaction added a lighthearted touch to the interview.

Audience Reactions

Viewers expressed their amusement with crying-laughter emojis and comments such as “Cleese saying what we all want to, shut up Ed.”

Some found the moment particularly enjoyable, while others labeled it as “irritating” when Ed attempted to talk over Cleese during his responses.


The playful interaction between John Cleese and Ed Balls provided a memorable and amusing moment during the Good Morning Britain interview.

Both the hosts and the audience shared in the light-hearted humor, making for an entertaining segment on the show.


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