Golden Dachshund Puppy Dies in San Francisco Obedience School Tragedy

Golden Dachshund Puppy Dies in San Francisco Obedience School Tragedy

A golden dachshund puppy named Olive tragically died on her first day at Prime Paw, an obedience school in San Francisco, California.

Olive, who weighed just four pounds and was only nine weeks old, was left unsupervised with a much larger dog.

This led to a heartbreaking incident that has raised serious concerns about the school’s supervision practices.

Choosing Prime Paw

Olive’s owner, Chloe Skelly, chose Prime Paw in the Mission District because of its glowing reviews and assurances from the staff that her beloved puppy would be in good hands. However, just three hours after dropping Olive off, Chloe received a call instructing her to rush to a pet hospital.

The initial lack of information about Olive’s condition only heightened Chloe’s anxiety.

The Tragic Incident

Speaking to KRON4, Chloe recounted her shock upon arriving at the SPCA. An employee informed her that Olive had been playing unsupervised with a nearly 25-pound Bernedoodle puppy.

Tragically, no staff members witnessed what happened. It wasn’t until Olive yelped in pain and crawled into a corner that staff noticed her “immediate lethargy.”

When they checked on Olive, they found her not breathing and without a heartbeat or pulse. Despite being rushed to a veterinarian, Olive had already passed away.

Cause of Death

An autopsy revealed that Olive died from pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung caused by blunt force trauma.

Chloe believes this was directly related to being hit by the much larger dog. The vet also found signs of internal bleeding.

Adding to Chloe’s distress, Prime Paw shared a video on social media showing Olive with a cut on her back, which Chloe insists was not there when she left her.

Seeking Accountability

Devastated and holding Prime Paw fully responsible for Olive’s death, Chloe explored legal options with lawyers.

However, she ultimately accepted an offer from the owner of Prime Paw that covered basic costs associated with Olive, including the breeder fee, vet bills, toys, and cremation. “She was my first puppy who should have had more years with me,” said Chloe.

“I only had 10 days. We were both robbed of our life together way too soon. I am heartbroken her little life was cut so short, and so negligently. It’s unfair.”

Prime Paw’s Response

In a statement to KRON4, James Baybayan, owner of Prime Paw, expressed his condolences for Olive’s sudden passing.

He stated, “We are heartbroken by the tragic death of a puppy named Olive. Veterinarians found that Olive had a pneumothorax — a collapsed lung — but that there were no signs of any trauma.

Based on the determination by the veterinarians who received Olive, there is no identifiable reason for her death.”

Prime Paw’s Reputation

Prime Paw describes itself as a San Francisco dog training center that employs a positive, science-based approach.

According to the company, they have safely cared for thousands of dogs over their nine years of operation, and this is the first reported fatality at their facility.

However, Olive’s death has cast a shadow over their previously unblemished record.

Moving Forward

Speaking to, Chloe clarified her intentions: “I would like it known I don’t want to ruin this man’s life by the story being shared, all I wanted was for him to take accountability so we can move on.

The story was shared to hopefully save other puppies from the same fate and other pup parents from the same heartache I’ve felt all week.”


The tragic death of Olive highlights the crucial need for proper supervision and safety protocols in pet care facilities.

Chloe Skelly’s experience serves as a sobering reminder for pet owners and care providers alike to ensure that all animals are given the safe environment they deserve.

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