Giveaways: When Air Duct Cleaning Is Required

Most people understand that it is important to clean their air ducts but do not know how to identify when air duct cleaning is required. In most cases, several obvious signs will help identify that you should clean the air ducts.

The HVAC system performs better when the air ducts are clean and the air supplied is of good quality. Dirty air ducts result in poor indoor air quality, resulting in respiratory issues. There are various ways you can tell that it is time to clean your air ducts. The following are some of the obvious signs that air duct cleaning in Toronto is required.

  1. Mold

Just like dust, mold can cause serious harm to our health. Mold does not only affect your health by causing allergic reactions and other respiratory issues, but it also can make your home look ugly when it spreads to the surfaces.

Mold growth is caused by the presence of moisture which the condensation from the heating and cooling system may cause. When mold grows in your air ducts, high chances are that it will spread to the vent covers. This is the easiest way to discover there is mold in the ductwork since most parts of the system are not accessible.

When you discover, there are molds on the vent covers; it is important to take action immediately to avoid affecting the indoor air quality and ugly appearance when it spreads to the surfaces inside your home.

Getting rid of mold does not end with only air duct cleaning. It requires identifying the cause of the moisture and making the necessary adjustments to avoid future occurrences. You can also prevent moisture build-ups in the future by taking precautions such as installing a home dehumidifier that removes excess moisture.

  1. Dust

In some cases, you may realize that no matter how hygienic and consistent you are in cleaning the surfaces in your home, they are always dusty. It is very frustrating to find the surfaces you have just cleaned dusty immediately after you finish cleaning.

If you are experiencing the challenge of always dusty surfaces, it clearly indicates that your air ducts are dusty and require cleaning. When the air ducts are dirty, they distribute the dust to the HVAC system, which later regulates the dust to the surfaces of your home together with the air.

In some severe cases, you might notice visible dust from the vents immediately after the HVAC system starts running.

Cleaning your air ducts is the perfect solution for dealing with always dusty surfaces. This will also help you save the time you always spend cleaning the surfaces over and over in an effort to maintain the desired hygiene levels in your home.

  1. Rodents And Pest Infestation

It is common to have rodents and pests finding their way to your air ducts. This is because the air ducts run from the outside to the inside of your home. It is important to do air duct cleaning if there are pests and rodents in your ducts because they leave behind their remains and other toxins which affect the quality of the air you breathe.

Rodents find their way to the ductwork when they find some unsealed access and leave toxins that may cause respiratory issues once inhaled through the air supplied by the ducts.

It is important to understand that rodent and pest invasion may require more than just cleaning the air ducts. To completely get rid of the problem, you are required to seek other measures of pest and rodent control.

  1. Increase In Energy Bills

If you realize that your monthly energy bills are suddenly rising, it may be time to inspect the condition of your ductwork.

Dirty ducts supply dirty air to the HVAC system, which eventually gets clogged with dirt and all sorts of contaminants from the air ducts in the long run. 

A clogged HVAC system is forced to overwork in an effort to regulate the air inside. When the system is overworking, more energy will be used hence high energy bills. Air duct cleaning removes dirt buildup on the ductwork, and the HVAC works normally.

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