2 year old girl almost lost her fingers after getting them stuck at a mall escalator in El Salvador.

Terrifying Escalator Incident In El Salvador Mall

A harrowing incident unfolded at a shopping mall in El Salvador when a two-year-old girl narrowly avoided a devastating injury after trapping her hand in an escalator. The incident occurred at the Plaza Mundo shopping center in Apopa, El Salvador, while the toddler was accompanied by her mother.

Quick Response to a Traumatic Situation

The young girl’s hand became ensnared in the escalator’s guard rail, creating a life-threatening situation. Her mother immediately cradled her child, and technicians rushed to the scene to extricate her fingers from the sharp-edged guard at the escalator’s base.

An Unfortunate Accident

The accident took place at approximately 6:30 pm on September 5th. The child’s hand became trapped after she reportedly placed it beneath the guard rail while her mother was momentarily distracted.

Life-Saving Surgery Ensues

Following the ordeal, the unnamed girl underwent a surgical procedure at a nearby hospital. Remarkably, surgeons managed to preserve all of her fingers and avert any potential long-term repercussions that could have impacted her future.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Ahead

Although the young girl was discharged from the hospital the day after her operation, she faces a rehabilitation process to regain normal use of her hand.

Community Support and Appreciation

The incident garnered significant attention on social media, where members of the community commended the medical professionals for their remarkable work in safeguarding the young girl’s future. Comments from local residents expressed gratitude and admiration for the medical team’s efforts, emphasizing the miraculous outcomes that modern medicine can achieve in dire situations.

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