Giraffe Rampage – Barberton Couple Injured in Sudden Attack During Romantic Stroll

Giraffe Rampage – Barberton Couple Injured in Sudden Attack During Romantic Stroll

On Valentine’s Day, a well-loved couple from Barberton, Sakkie and Yvonne Dednam, faced a horrifying incident as they were attacked by a young male giraffe during their routine afternoon walk in their estate.

Background: A Leisurely Walk Turned Traumatic

Sakkie Dednam and his wife, Yvonne, known in the community and affiliated with Barberton Hi-Tech, were reportedly enjoying their customary stroll through their estate, accompanied by their dogs.

The tranquility of their routine walk took a tragic turn when a young male giraffe suddenly charged at them, leaving the couple seriously injured.

The Attack: Chaos Unleashed on a Routine Stroll

During the unexpected attack, it is described that the giraffe kicked and trampled the couple.

The dogs, present during the incident, managed to escape.

Sakkie found refuge under a bush at some point, but Yvonne was not as fortunate.

Injuries and Hospitalization: Serious Consequences

Both Sakkie and Yvonne Dednam were rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries.

Yvonne reportedly suffered head injuries and a concussion, requiring ongoing medical attention, while Sakkie endured multiple broken ribs.

Current Condition: Stability and Hope for Recovery

Eduan, the couple’s son, provided an update stating that both parents are currently in stable condition, and the family remains hopeful for their recovery.

Wildlife Encounter: Lessons Learned and Safety Measures

Following the incident, a report by Getaway Magazine emphasizes the importance of remaining calm when encountering wild animals.

It advises vigilance for signs of animal discomfort and underscores the significance of maintaining a safe distance.

Precautions: Navigating Wildlife with Caution

The report further advises individuals to avoid cutting off an animal’s movement and highlights the potential danger even from seemingly docile herbivores, especially when they feel threatened.

Staying away from mothers and their young, moving slowly, and withdrawing if an animal displays aggression are recommended precautions.

Final Note: Acknowledging the Unpredictability of Wildlife

While the report stresses the importance of caution, it acknowledges the inherent unpredictability of animals.

It encourages individuals, especially those engaging in self-drive safaris, to conduct research and seek professional advice when in proximity to wildlife.


The incident involving the Dednam couple serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters, prompting reflection on safety measures and precautions when in proximity to wild animals.


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