Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 7,300 in Ongoing Conflict

Over 7,300 people have died in Gaza, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas.

According to the health ministry administered by Hamas, at least 7,326 Palestinians have perished as a result of Israeli attacks.

There have been 3,083 kid fatalities since October 7, according to this number.

The rocket barrage is the responsibility of Hamas’s Al-Qasam Brigades.

Medical services said that three persons were hurt, including a male, 20, who had a moderately significant head injury.

IDF naval commandos raid the southern Gaza Strip from the sea.

The IDF claims to have successfully destroyed Hamas infrastructure during a dramatic raid on southern Gaza, and it has released video of the operation.

The UN human rights office spokesman, Ravina Shamdasani, stated: “We are concerned that war crimes are being committed.”

Concerning the collective punishment of Gazans for Hamas’s horrific attacks—which also constituted war crimes—we are worried.

She went on to say that determining whether or not war crimes had been committed was the responsibility of an impartial court.

Watch how desperate Gazans attempt to break into a water station in order to refill depleted tanks.

According to Russian official media, Iran’s deputy foreign minister met with Hamas representatives in Moscow.

Hamas representatives were met by Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs in Moscow on Friday, according to Russian state news agency Tass.

During the discussion, Iran talked about a cease-fire and giving Gaza humanitarian aid, according to Tass.

Russia’s invitation of Hamas representatives to Moscow was denounced by Israel’s foreign ministry as “an act of support of terrorism.”

In response, the Kremlin stated that Moscow thinks it’s important to be in touch with all parties.

US penalties Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and HamasA second wave of sanctions against Hamas and its financial supporters has been imposed by the US.

Targets include members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and an Iranian official.

Targeted Targets was a Gaza-based organisation that Treasury claimed acted as a conduit for illegal Iranian donations to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) organisation and Hamas.

The United States is committed to breaking up Hamas’s funding networks by using our counterterrorism sanctions authorities and cooperating with our international partners to prevent Hamas from taking advantage of the global financial system, according to Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo.

IDF releases unsettling audio that it says shows Hamas terrorists conversing during the terror attack on October 7: “Kids want to bid their parents farewell.

Ten supply vehicles and ten physicians are anticipated to reach Gaza in a convoy.

It is said that ten relief trucks carrying food, water, and medications reached Gaza today.

This would raise the total to 84 trucks that have been brought into the enclave since the start of the conflict.

Ten medical professionals on a medical mission have also entered Palestinian land, according to Al Jazeera.

The World Health Organisation thinks that over a thousand bodies are buried beneath the debris in Gaza.

It’s estimated that more than a thousand bodies are buried beneath Gaza’s debris.

Richard Peeperkorn, a representative of the World Health Organisation, provided the estimate and stated that the people buried beneath buildings hit by Israeli aircraft were unidentified.

The number is not included in the nearly 7,000 fatalities reported by the health ministry operated by Hamas.

As we speak, people in Gaza are dying.

They are not only dying from bombings and strikes; shortly, many more will perish from the effects of (the) siege placed on the Gaza Strip, according to Commissioner General for UNRWA Philippe Lazzarini in his statement this morning.

Basic utilities are failing, there is a shortage of food, water, and medication, and sewage is starting to overwhelm Gaza’s streets.

Midhat Mabasher, the leader of Hamas’s West Khan Yunis Battalion, has reportedly been eliminated, according to the IDF.

According to the military, he had participated in sniping strikes against Israeli settlements and IDF personnel.

In the past 24 hours, it has targeted some 250 Hamas targets, including a “terrorist tunnel network in Gaza that detonated the secondary explosions.”

IDF provides more details regarding its ground assault in Gaza.

Regarding its overnight ground operation in Gaza, the IDF has released additional details.

“All the forces I mentioned participated in the raid as combat forces, and it ended successfully in the early hours of this morning,” a spokeswoman said.

“The raid began yesterday in broad daylight.”

Israel asserts that the Red Sea missile that struck Egypt posed a “aerial threat.”

An ‘aerial danger’ was observed in the Red Sea region, according to the IDF, which further connected it to a missile that touched down on Egyptian coastal property.

Six persons were injured when an unidentified drone crashed this morning close to a hospital in the town of Taba, which is close to the Israeli border on the Sinai Peninsula, according to a spokesman for the Egyptian army.

Not long after, news from Egyptian media circulated that a “unidentified body” had fallen close to an energy plant in Nuweiba, a vacation town on the Sinai Peninsula, approximately one hour south of Taba.

It is anticipated that eight more relief vehicles will reach Gaza today.

According to the UN agency for Palestine, a modest convoy of about eight relief vehicles is anticipated to enter the Gaza Strip later today.

We have about seventy-four trucks in. We anticipate another eight or so today,’ stated Lynn Hastings.

It happens soon after the head of UNRWA declared that the “handful” of trucks that had crossed the border from Egypt into Gaza “will not reverse the fact that Gaza is being strangled.”

UN agency chief reports that the bombing of Gaza killed 57 staffers.

Since the start of the conflict, 57 of his coworkers have died, according to the head of UNRWA, the UN organisation that works in Gaza.

According to Philippe Lazzarini, fifteen employees of the organisation had lost their lives in a single day.

Two days ago, one of our coworkers passed away while on his way to fetch bread from the bakery.

Six homeless children in a shelter were the six children he left behind.

Hamas said it will take time to locate every Israeli hostage it has taken.

According to an official, Hamas has to figure out where all the hostages that it took from Israel are.

Abu Hamid stated to the Kommersant newspaper while on a trip to Russia that although the group “needs time to find them,” they have always been willing to release civilians.

He said that different organisations were holding captives inside the enclave and that a truce was necessary in order to free and recover the hostages.

UNIDORA: For the two million residents in Gaza, aid trucks are a “distraction” and “will not make a difference.”

The head of the UN organisation that works in Gaza has declared that the meagre help being permitted into the territory is insufficient.

Although the trucks that were permitted to pass provided a “glimmer of hope” at first, according to Philippe Lazzarini, they are now a “distraction.”

He declared that it is “not true that the siege is lifted” and that they will not help the estimated 2 million people in need.

Only seventy-four trucks have crossed the Rafah border and been greeted by the Palestinian Red Crescent thus far.

“This won’t change the reality that Gaza is being choked,” Mr. Lazzarini declared.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza overnight claimed the lives of around 480 individuals, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas.

The health ministry operated by Hamas reports that Israel’s attacks have killed at least 481 civilians in Gaza.

According to the authority, 7,028 Palestinians had died in just three weeks.

The identities, ages, and genders of 6,747 victims have been made public.

Joe Biden’s statement that he had “no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using” provoked controversy and caused a stir.

Israel’s Defence Forces conduct a second ground operation against Hamas sites in Gaza throughout the night.

This morning, the IDF provided an operational update, stating that it had carried out its second ground attack in as many days on Gaza.

According to the military, anti-tank missile launch locations, command and control centres, and Hamas terrorist operators were hit by ground forces, fighter jets, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

It stated, “The troops left the area and no injuries were reported.”

View the video of the aerial strikes and ground raid here:Greetings and salutations to the live blog for today.

As the Israel-Palestine conflict approaches its 21st day, stay tuned for real-time updates.

What transpired over night and yesterday is as follows:The Israeli army claims that a “targeted raid” was conducted in Gaza by its ground forces, supported by fighter jets and drones.

When questioned on October 7 about the terrorists’ justification for killing Israeli families, a Hamas representative stormed out of a BBC interview.

US airstrikes were carried out in response to attacks on US outposts in Syria and Iraq, targeting two Iranian-controlled locations in eastern Syria.

Iran’s foreign minister threatened to “not be spared from this fire” if Israel’s offensive against Hamas continued, during a UN meeting.

Leaders of the European Union have called for “humanitarian corridors and pauses” while Israel keeps bombing Gaza with missiles.

Major UpdatesOver 7,300 people have died in Gaza, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas.

UN expresses worry that Israel and Hamas are both committing war crimesHamas said it will take time to locate every Israeli hostage it has taken.

Israel claims the number of confirmed hostages kidnapped by Hamas has risen to 229.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza overnight claimed the lives of around 480 individuals, according to the health ministry operated by Hamas.

Israel’s Defence Forces conduct a second ground operation against Hamas sites in Gaza throughout the night.

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