Garage Door Common Problems: Know When To Call Professional Repair

You probably know what a garage door is and how important it is. Suppose you are a property owner who has been using a garage door ever since you probably experienced problems with your garage door. If you have not, then you are one lucky human being! 

Nonetheless, if you are experiencing problems with your garage door and do not know how to assess, identify, and fix the problem, this article is for you. But if you wish to bypass reading this list, you can just go ahead and call Fort Lauderdale garage door repair. They can help you with whatever garage door problems you are having. 

Garage Door Common Problems

  • Slow response time

You can lubricate the metal components, such as the tracks, rollers, and hinges, to help ensure everything moves smoothly if opening the door takes more than a few seconds.

Various things can cause a garage door to move slowly. Among these are advanced age, programming issues, and lubrication issues.

  • Doors don’t open or shut completely 

The first sign that a problem exists may be a door that won’t open and shut as it should. 

Doors that aren’t working properly may be a sign of an issue with the door’s balance, the track, the garage door opener, or even the springs that hold the door in place.

  • Loud/Noisy 

There may be underlying problems with aged doors that make noise when they open and close. Its distinctive sound may also be a blatant indicator that a particular repair is required. Your unit may be out of alignment if it pops or is moving against the track if it makes a grinding sound.

  • Broken garage door opener 

Your garage door might not always be the issue. That said, you should check your garage door opener. There are several typical issues with garage door openers that you might run into. The opener’s transmitter or the remote control batteries may be malfunctioning.

  • Difficulty opening and closing 

If you are having difficulty in opening or closing your garage door, check to see if something is blocking it or, better yet, consult with a knowledgeable expert.

  • Broken springs 

If your garage door is sagging or doesn’t close properly, you will be able to tell if it is uneven. A technician should be called if you need to replace the springs. 

  • Broken eye sensor 

As a safety measure, photo eye sensors are installed to stop your garage door from closing on items or people that are in the way of the door. 

Such door sensors are doing a great deal to safeguard your family and your vehicles, but they may stop your door from closing properly if they break down or get clogged.

Before calling professional repair, try the following:

Using a microfiber cloth, clean the photo-eye to get rid of any dust, debris, or moisture. The pivot bracket should also be adjusted to ensure that the two sensors are complementary.

Make sure to lubricate moving garage door parts to stop loud noises. Every few months, you should lubricate the lift cable, springs, rollers, hinges, and garage door.

Additionally, you should replace any worn rollers and hinges and tighten any loose hardware on the door or track. 

Lastly, your home’s exterior is tarnished by dirty garage door panels, which can also harm its moving parts. Rinse the surface with fresh water from a hose after washing it with a gentle cleanser and a wet cloth.

In conclusion, if you still experience problems with your garage door even after doing the steps mentioned above, it means that your garage door is experiencing a serious problem. It is time for you to call a professional Fort Lauderdale garage door repair.

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