FSL Brings Planta, Ground-breaking Healthy Plant-based Meat Mix to Gulfood

FSL Brings Planta, Ground-breaking Healthy Plant-based Meat Mix to Gulfood

FSL, the Middle East’s most trusted food service ingredient supply company, is launching the region’s first meat-replacement ready-mix at the forthcoming Gulfood Exhibition .

FSL Planta Mix
FSL – Food Specialities Limited – was established in Dubai in 1986, founded by Chairman and CEO, Deepak Dhawan .

A renowned innovator, the company’s innovation lab has now produced plant-based (vegan) chicken and beef replacements, PLANTA, created in just five minutes using pea protein, plant fibre and seasoning mixes .

Planta is healthy, sustainable, ethical, convenient and affordable – five key trends that are driving the food industry today .

The mixes – available in a variety of pack sizes to suit everyone from busy HORECA environments to solo home cooks – are soy, gluten, GMO and allergen free, meaning they are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, ‘flexitarians’ and those with certain allergies and intolerances .

It’s also halal, kosher and free from dairy and egg .

FSL sees Planta being used in dishes such as burgers, kebabs, nuggets, lasagne and kibbeh, to name a few .

Made with the best plant-based ingredients sourced from world-renowned manufacturers, the mixes are free from the cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones present in regular meat products .

Multi-billion dollar market
Research firm MarketsandMarkets suggests the plant-based ‘meat’ market had an estimated value of US$4 .

3 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach USD 8 .

3 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 14 .

0% .

This significant growth is being driven by the rising popularity of healthier diets and increased consumer awareness of the health, ethical and environmental benefits offered by plant-based food over animal meat .

Government-driven healthier eating initiatives along with significant investments are also driving the global market .

Planta chicken and Planta beef is squarely aimed at the food service sector – such as distributors, restaurants/chefs, catering companies, hotels and ghost kitchens – hence its Gulfood debut .

FSL Head of Marketing and Innovation, Dhruv Dhawan, says, “We keep a close eye on food and ingredient trends in the region and globally .

Our new Planta range complements the growing demand in our region and also offers convenience and affordability in a simple solution – we believe it is the perfect new product to launch at Gulfood 2022 .

“Our market research revealed many plant-based products are imported, with the associated higher costs .

Our plant-based mix is a regional first, having spent a great deal of time in our innovation lab researching the best blend of ingredients to create a more cost-effective, locally-produced healthy meat replacements .

Sustainable, tasty and cost-effective
Launching two new packet mixes – flavoured with a bespoke spice blend and designed to replace chicken or beef – the company’s product is simply mixed with cold water in a food processor in five minutes .

The resulting blend can then be made into cutlets, burgers, nuggets, kebabs or other meat-style products, and is customisable in any culinary application which calls for a meat replacement .

“It’s fast, cost-effective, super healthy and designed to appeal to the widest possible consumer base .

Planta is available now at half the cost of similar imported products .

And it is common knowledge that we need to find meat replacements globally, to support the ever-growing population and meet sustainability goals .

“Through Planta, we are also helping spur culinary creativity and inspire new dishes in the regional foodservice sector by offering chefs an easy to make, customizable plant-based food solution .

Planta is far more sustainable and ethical than meat as it involves no animal slaughter .

Through these mixes, FSL is doing its bit to help ensure future food security in the UAE,” adds the Marketing and Innovation head .

Planta does not require frozen storage and the expense and hassle of cold chain distribution – making it more accessible and feasible .

As it’s a dry powder mix, it’s easily stored, with a long shelf life, and once mixed, can be kept chilled for three days or frozen for up to three months .

100 grams of either Planta chicken or beef delivers an excellent nutritional profile rich in plant-based proteins and fiber and without any cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones .

Planta is now in the UAE and seeking distribution in Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Oman .

With a wide regional network, FSL is already seeing a great deal of interest in Planta from multiple distributors, but is looking forward to wowing visitors to the Gulfood event with its exciting new product range .

FSL, which has won multiple awards for its food innovations such as plant-based shish kebabs, provides ingredients, flavourings, commodities and products to a vast array of regional clients .

Working across three divisions, the company is the region’s most trusted, reliable supplier across the entire spectrum of the food and beverage industry in the Middle East and Africa .

FSL is located in hall 6, A6-40 .