From Golden Globe to Hallmark? Critics Clash Over The Crown’s Farewell, Is the Royal Drama Past its Prime?

From Golden Globe to Hallmark? Critics Clash Over The Crown’s Farewell, Is the Royal Drama Past its Prime?

The Crown Series Six Part Two: A Mixed Bag of Reviews

The final five episodes of The Crown have landed, but their arrival has been met with a diverse chorus of critical voices.

While some reviewers applaud the show’s return to form and emotional resonance, others lament its decline from grace and question its continued relevance.

Scathing Takes:

The Independent: Criticizes the show for squandering its potential, calling the final episodes “haunted by the ghost of past glories.”

The Telegraph: Compares the series’ ending to a “Hallmark Channel movie,” bemoaning its loss of historical depth and emotional weight.

The Times: Finds the season “quite dull” and “running out of steam,” though it praises Lesley Manville’s performance as Princess Margaret.

Mixed Reactions:

Evening Standard: Awards four stars but deems the season “fine” overall, suggesting it will please existing fans but lack the spark of its earlier seasons.

Radio Times: Appreciates the series’ return to its roots, praising Ed McVey’s portrayal of Prince William and the focus on Princess Margaret.

Positive Outliers:

The i: Calls it a “near perfect ending,” applauding the show’s return to its elegant and nostalgic examination of British identity.

James Hibbs of Radio Times: Considers Ed McVey the key success of the season, crediting the show for “taking things back to basics.”


Decline from historical drama to soap opera: Some critics argue the show has lost its historical rigor and become overly focused on sensationalized personal lives.

Weak writing and character development: Dialogue and plot points are criticized for being melodramatic and lacking depth.

Kate and William’s storyline: The introduction of Kate and William receives lukewarm reception, with concerns about Carole Middleton’s portrayal.

Princess Margaret shines: Lesley Manville’s performance is a highlight for many reviewers, reminding them of the show’s earlier strengths.

In conclusion, while The Crown’s final chapter has generated mixed reactions, it seems to offer a bittersweet conclusion for fans and critics alike.

The show’s legacy remains debatable, but its impact on historical drama and popular culture is undeniable.