From EXO to Controversy: The Story of Kris Wu’s Eventful Career

From EXO to Controversy: The Story of Kris Wu’s Eventful Career

Kris Wu: A Talented Multifaceted Artist


Kris Wu, a Canadian artist of Chinese descent, has made a name for himself with his versatile skills in acting, rapping, singing, record producing, and modeling.

His journey to fame began as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band “EXO,” and he released his first album, “XOXO,” with the group in 2013.

As a solo artist, Kris Wu has achieved success with hit singles like “Greenhouse Girl” (2015), “Deserves” (2017), and “Like That” (2018).

In addition to his musical endeavors, he made his acting debut in the romantic drama film “Somewhere Only We Know” in 2015, portraying the character Peng Ziyang.


Kris Wu Profile Summary: A Multi-Talented Artist

Let’s take a closer look at some key details about Kris Wu.

Born as Li Jiaheng on November 6, 1990, in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, he is also known by various nicknames like Kris, FanFan, Duizhang, and Benben.

With a successful career in both Canada and China, he holds Chinese-Canadian nationality and belongs to Chinese-Asian ethnicity.

Kris Wu is widely recognized for his remarkable contributions to various genres, including C-pop, K-pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B, showcasing his versatility as an artist.


His career took off in 2012, and he has been making significant strides since then.

Kris Wu’s Early Life and Journey to Stardom

Kris Wu’s life has been shaped by various experiences. His parents, Stacey Yu Wu and Li Kaiming, played a significant role in his upbringing.

Unfortunately, their divorce during his early years meant that he was primarily raised by his mother, Wu Xiuqin.

At the age of ten, Kris and his mother moved to Vancouver, Canada, but he later returned to China at the age of 14.


After a brief period at Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School, he went back to Vancouver, attending Point Grey Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, where he used the name Kevin Li.

A Rising Star: Kris Wu’s Journey to EXO

Kris Wu’s journey to stardom began when he auditioned for SM Entertainment’s Canadian global auditions held in Vancouver.

His talent caught the attention of the company, leading to his selection as a trainee.

Eventually, in 2012, he joined Exo, a popular K-pop group, where he became a prominent member and garnered immense popularity.


Kris Wu’s Personal Life: Age, Relationships, and Net Worth

As of November 6, 2022, Kris Wu celebrated his 32nd birthday. A rising talent with a promising career, he is set to turn 33 on November 6, 2023.

Regarding his personal life, Kris Wu is currently unmarried and is in a relationship with actress Chen Ziyi.

While there have been rumors about his past relationships, he has been romantically linked to actress Coulee Nazha and an individual named Xiao Gina.

In terms of his financial success, Kris Wu’s net worth is estimated to be around $9 million, a testament to his achievements in the entertainment industry.


His talent and dedication have undoubtedly paid off, securing him a prominent position in the world of music and acting.

Physical Traits and Controversies

Kris Wu’s good looks and stature have not gone unnoticed. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 112 inches (186.5 cm) and weighing 78 kilograms (172 lbs), he possesses a slim body type.

With his captivating dark brown eyes and at times dyed blonde-black hair, Kris Wu has a unique style that complements his charm.

Notably, he has a distinctive tattoo of a Borneo Scorpion on his left hand.


However, along with his accomplishments, Kris Wu has faced significant legal challenges.

In a high-profile case, he was found guilty of raping three women in China, leading to a 13-year jail sentence.

The court highlighted that the incidents occurred in November and December 2020, and he took advantage of the victims while they were in a state of intoxication at his residence.

The impact of this verdict has been felt across the entertainment industry and among his vast global fanbase.

Conclusion: Kris Wu’s Journey of Talent and Controversy


Kris Wu’s life and career have been filled with remarkable achievements and personal struggles.

As a talented artist with diverse skills, he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

From his beginnings in EXO to his solo success, he has left an indelible mark on the music and acting realms.

However, controversies have also plagued his path to stardom, casting a shadow on his once-flourishing career.

As his legal battles continue, the future remains uncertain for this once-rising star.


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