“Frank Edoho Clarifies Exit from ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,’ Denies Being Fired; Calls Out Twitter Influencer

Dismissing Firing Rumors: Frank Edoho’s Take

Amid widespread speculation surrounding his departure from the hit show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,’ renowned TV host Frank Edoho refutes claims of being fired by the program’s producers, setting the record straight on a recent podcast appearance.

Frank Edoho’s Counterstatement

Edoho, known for his impeccable hosting skills on the game show, addressed the swirling rumors on the Bants and Boujee podcast, vehemently denying any instance of job termination throughout his illustrious broadcasting career.

Clarification on Show’s Cancellation

He clarified that the show’s cancellation in 2017 was the reason behind his exit and expressed dismay at the prevalent misconception among people that he was dismissed, emphasizing that it was never the case.

Twitter Feud: Frank Edoho vs. Daniel Regha

In a separate incident, Edoho engaged in a public spat with prominent Twitter influencer Daniel Regha, recounting an encounter where he received disrespectful treatment, leading to being blocked on the social media platform.

Edoho’s Verbal Confrontation

Describing Regha as an influencer who predominantly makes noise on Twitter, Edoho voiced his disdain for the disrespect shown online, asserting that such confrontations would not occur in person due to his different demeanor offline.

Dichotomy of Online Persona

Edoho admitted to portraying a different persona on social media, asserting his charm and calm demeanor offline in contrast to his readiness to engage in confrontations and retorts online, emphasizing his amiable nature beyond the digital realm.

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