Fountain of youth? Man says drinking his urine is keeping him young

Fountain of youth? Man says drinking his urine is keeping him young

One man has made quite a shocking revelation about his drinking habits. According to Harry Matadeen, he started consuming his own urine in 2016 out of desperation to cure his mental illness.

Matadeen told Daily Mail that he drinks about 200ml of his urine every day because it leaves him feeling “peaceful, calm, and determined.”

Unfortunately for him, his weird habit has basically severed his relationship with his sister who cannot believe he picked up what many can agree is an unusual and pretty disgusting habit.

The 38-year-old however believes that drinking his urine is therapeutic and has helped him immensely. In fact, he is such a strong believer in urine’s healing powers that he has written a book about the health benefits of drinking urine.

He also refers to it as “the secret to eternal youth”.

Scientists call it a no-no

According to the Healthline article, drinking one glass of urine may not be deadly but it isn’t advised either.

“It can introduce bacteria, toxins, and medications into your system. There’s no reason to think that drinking urine would benefit your health in any way.

There are many more effective routes for getting a high dose of vitamins and minerals. Pop a few gummy vitamins — you’ll probably prefer the taste!” reads an excerpt from the article.

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