Former Olympian Stan Wild Faces Allegations of Sexual Abuse in ITV Documentary

Former Olympian Stan Wild Faces Allegations of Sexual Abuse in ITV Documentary

In a new ITV documentary titled “Gymnastics: A Culture Of Abuse?,” a woman, known as Jess, has come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against former Olympian Stan Wild.

Wild, 79, competed in the Olympics in 1968 and 1972.

The documentary delves into the pervasive issue of abuse within the gymnastics community, shedding light on Jess’s traumatic experience and the broader culture of abuse in the sport.

Jess’s Harrowing Account:

Jess recounts being sexually abused by Stan Wild at the age of eight when she visited his house for a dress-up playdate.

Despite reporting the incident to the police, no charges were brought against Wild, who denies all allegations.

Jess describes feeling a sense of guilt and difficulty verbalizing the abuse as a child.

Her revelation comes in the wake of Nikki O’Donnell’s similar accusations against Wild, prompting a deeper examination of the coach’s history.

The courage of survivors like Jess and Nikki to share their stories underscores the importance of addressing abuse within the gymnastics community and seeking justice for the victims.

Systemic Issues in Gymnastics:

The documentary explores the case of another gymnast, anonymously referred to as ‘Kirsty,’ who alleges sexual abuse by Wild at the age of ten.

Despite complaints, Wild continued teaching for years, even carrying the Olympic torch in 2012.

The film also touches upon the case of David Schadek, a coach jailed in 2022 for abusing gymnasts.

These cases reveal systemic failures within British Gymnastics to address abuse promptly.

The exposure of systemic issues within British Gymnastics emphasizes the urgent need for reforms and accountability in safeguarding the well-being of young athletes.

Impact on Survivors:

Jess shares the profound impact of the abuse on her mental health, leading to suicidal thoughts and struggles with alcohol dependency during her teenage years.

The documentary unveils the ripple effects of abuse on survivors, including damaging relationships and severe health consequences.

Highlighting the lasting impact on survivors emphasizes the urgency of implementing robust support systems and preventive measures within gymnastics organizations.

British Gymnastics Under Scrutiny:

The documentary portrays the legal battle faced by former gymnasts who are suing British Gymnastics.

It underscores the findings of a two-year inquiry led by lawyer Anne Whyte, revealing a culture of physical and emotional abuse in gymnastics clubs.

While sexual abuse is acknowledged, it is not deemed systemic.

The scrutiny faced by British Gymnastics calls for comprehensive reforms, with the documentary shedding light on the organization’s 41-point action plan, Reform 25, aimed at prioritizing athlete welfare and cultural change.


The documentary, set against the backdrop of the upcoming Summer 2024 Olympics, serves as a powerful call for reform within the gymnastics community.

Survivors, legal experts, and investigators stress the need for root-and-branch changes to eradicate the pervasive culture of abuse in gymnastics.

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