Ex-Mistress Labels Disgraced FBI Agent a ‘Traitor’ After Sentencing for Oligarch Ties

Ex-Mistress Labels Disgraced FBI Agent a ‘Traitor’ After Sentencing for Oligarch Ties

Ex-Mistress’s Strong Condemnation

Allison Guerriero, the former mistress of Charles McGonigal, an FBI agent recently sentenced for accepting bribes from a sanctioned Russian oligarch, has condemned him as a traitor.

She expressed satisfaction at his imprisonment, deeming him deserving of eternal damnation due to his actions.

Details of McGonigal’s Offenses and Sentencing

McGonigal, a retired FBI special agent, received a 50-month prison sentence for conspiring to launder money and violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

His actions involved accepting bribes totaling $17,000 and seeking $650,000 to $3 million to uncover hidden assets of an oligarch’s rival.

Insights from Guerriero on McGonigal’s Persona

Guerriero depicted McGonigal as manipulative, referring to him as a deceptive figure who lures people with false promises of attention, money, and praise.

She believes his charm is deceitful and criticized the court’s sentence as inadequate, claiming McGonigal will suffer eternally for his deeds.

McGonigal’s Connections and Unveiled Schemes

The shamed agent’s ties to GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley surfaced in allegations suggesting he boasted about a friendship with the former US Ambassador to the United Nations.

There were claims that McGonigal orchestrated a meeting between a Bosnian pharmaceutical company’s founder and Haley during her UN tenure.

Response from McGonigal’s Wife and Guerriero’s Criticism

Pamela McGonigal, in a letter pleading for leniency, highlighted the impact of her husband’s actions on their family.

Guerriero criticized Pamela’s defense of her husband, accusing her of flaunting luxury items on social media while McGonigal faced charges, deeming it distasteful and insensitive.

Past Relationship Details and McGonigal’s Lifestyle

Guerriero revealed aspects of her relationship with McGonigal, stating that she ended it after suspecting Pamela of sending threatening notes.

She disclosed discovering a substantial amount of cash in their apartment, attributing it to McGonigal’s gambling winnings, an explanation she initially accepted.

Actions After the Split and Relationship Insights

Following their separation, Guerriero communicated her concerns about McGonigal’s affairs and ties to Albania to his superior at the FBI.

Despite initial contact, she later deleted the email, showcasing the complexity and aftermath of their relationship’s fallout.