Former Merseyside Police Officer Convicted and Resigns Following Assault Charges

Former Merseyside Police Officer Convicted and Resigns Following Assault Charges

Resignation Amid Legal Troubles:

Kia Pulford Stone, a former Merseyside Police Constable, resigned from her position after being charged with assault by beating and criminal damage.

The charges stemmed from two separate incidents that occurred in Wigan, Greater Manchester, on March 4 and March 16, 2023.

Rather than facing potential dismissal, she chose to resign.

Criminal Incidents and Conviction:

The second incident involved Pulford Stone, still a serving officer at the time, damaging a Vauxhall Adam car belonging to the same woman she had assaulted less than two weeks earlier.

Pulford Stone pleaded guilty to both charges and faced legal consequences at Manchester Magistrates’ Court in October 2023.

Details from her LinkedIn profile suggested that she had just started working as a full-time officer with Merseyside Police in the same month as the offenses occurred.

Accelerated Misconduct Hearing:

Following the conclusion of the criminal case, Merseyside Police’s Professional Standards Department conducted an accelerated misconduct hearing earlier this month, chaired by Chief Constable Serena Kennedy.

Chief Constable Kennedy determined that Pulford Stone would have faced dismissal for gross misconduct if she had still been a serving officer.

Statement from Chief Constable Kennedy:

In a decision notice posted by the force, Chief Constable Kennedy expressed, ‘The evidence in this case is incontrovertible, and the former officer entered a guilty plea and was convicted by a court on the 26th October 2023.

I also note that this was not a one-off occasion – the victim was subjected to an assault and then damage was caused to her car.

As a result, I am satisfied that former officer Pulford Stone has breached the standards of professional behaviour, namely discreditable conduct.’

Inclusion in Barred List:

As a consequence of the decision, Pulford Stone will be added to the College of Policing Barred List, preventing her from holding any policing role in the UK in the future.

Merseyside Police’s Zero-Tolerance Approach:

Detective Superintendent Cheryl Rhodes, from Merseyside’s Professional Standards Department, emphasized the force’s commitment to maintaining trust and confidence in their officers.

She stated, ‘Merseyside Police rightly takes a zero-tolerance approach to anyone who commits assault or causes criminal damage.’

Rhodes emphasized the importance of holding officers accountable for maintaining the high expectations set by the public and the force.

Conclusion and Accountability:

The case underscores the significance of accountability in law enforcement and the commitment to upholding both legal and professional standards.

Resignation in the face of serious criminal charges reflects the gravity of the offenses committed, and the subsequent actions taken by Merseyside Police highlight their dedication to ensuring public trust in law enforcement.