Former Arsenal Star Podolski Pulls Off Political Prank As Retirement Announcement Takes Fans by Surprise

Former Arsenal Star Podolski Pulls Off Political Prank As Retirement Announcement Takes Fans by Surprise

April Fool’s Day is not just for individuals; the sporting world also enjoys getting in on the fun with a range of pranks, some more believable than others. From players to clubs to statistics companies, everyone seems to be participating before the midday deadline.

Opta’s Playful Stats

Opta, known for delivering statistics, took a light-hearted approach by joking about Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s touchline behavior. They posted a fake stat claiming Arteta spent an unusually high percentage of time outside his technical area, prompting reactions from fans. While some quickly identified it as an April Fools’ joke, others accused Opta of having an agenda against Arteta. Nonetheless, it added a humorous touch to the day.

Podolski’s Retirement Announcement

Former Arsenal player Lukas Podolski added to the April Fools’ spirit by announcing a fake retirement to pursue a political career. Despite appearing serious initially, the announcement raised eyebrows, especially when Podolski declared his intention to run in a mayoral election. It was a clever prank that caught the attention of fans and media alike.

Buttler’s Name Change

England cricket team’s Jos Buttler starred in another prank where he announced a name change from ‘Jos’ to ‘Josh’. The mock frustration shown when he was still referred to as ‘Jos’ added to the comedic effect. It was a lighthearted way for Buttler to participate in the April Fool’s festivities.

talkSPORT’s Punditry Showdown

talkSPORT teased a potential boxing match between former footballers Gabby Agbonlahor and Troy Deeney, adding an element of humor to the rivalry between Aston Villa and Birmingham City. The idea of a ‘Battle of the Brum’ in the boxing ring garnered attention and laughter from fans.

Stenhousemuir’s Garish Kit Design

Scottish side Stenhousemuir introduced a garish new kit design, resembling a duffle coat, as a prank for the upcoming season. They claimed it was a tribute to their former manager Terry Christie, adding a touch of nostalgia and absurdity to their announcement.

Macclesfield FC’s Withdrawal

Macclesfield FC fans may have experienced a moment of panic when a fan account posted an alleged text exchange with the club’s director of football, Robbie Savage. The post claimed the team had withdrawn from a competition, sparking disappointment among supporters before realizing it was all part of April Fool’s Day.


In the world of sports, April Fool’s Day is not just about competition; it’s also about camaraderie and laughter. From fake stats to retirement announcements to absurd boxing matches, the sporting community finds creative ways to join in the fun of April Fool’s Day, reminding everyone that even in the midst of intense competition, there’s always room for humor and playfulness.

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