Blessing Okororo Publicly Apologizes to Davido: A Reconciliation Attempt

Blessing Okororo Extends a Public Apology to Davido

Blessing Okororo, a self-proclaimed relationship specialist and prominent media personality, has taken to social media to issue a public apology to music sensation Davido.

In her recent video, she expressed remorse for making false statements about Davido and tarnishing his reputation.

Acknowledging Membership in the “30BG Gang”

During her apology, Blessing Okororo made it known that she identifies as a member of the “30BG gang,” a term referring to Davido’s dedicated fanbase and supporters.

She earnestly pleaded with Davido to forgive her for the disparaging remarks she had made about him in the past.

Background of the Apology: Disputes Over Money Owed

This public apology comes in the wake of a previous altercation involving Blessing Okororo and Davido. She had accused the music star of owing money to an auto dealer named IVD, alleging that Davido had not settled payment for a vehicle provided to one of his employees, Israel.

The IVD Controversy and Conflicting Claims

Blessing Okororo had asserted that IVD confided in her, affirming that Davido was in debt to him. However, IVD swiftly refuted these allegations, asserting that he had not received any unpaid funds from Davido and that Blessing’s claims were unfounded.

Evidence and Apology from IVD In an unexpected turn of events, IVD released a public statement in which he apologized to both Davido and Blessing Okororo. He encouraged everyone involved to move forward from the dispute.

Police Involvement and Apology Video In addition to these developments, it was revealed that Blessing Okororo was summoned by the police for questioning regarding her accusations against Davido. During this process, it appeared that Blessing lacked substantial evidence or concrete proof to substantiate her claims against the music star. As a result, she released a video apology to Davido, which rapidly gained attention and spread across social media.

Awaiting Davido’s Response While Blessing Okororo’s public apology marks a step towards reconciliation, Davido has not yet responded to her plea. The reaction from netizens remains uncertain, with doubts regarding whether he will acknowledge the apology.