Russian Su-27 Fighter Scrambled to Intercept French Rafale Aircraft and AWACS Radar Over Black Sea

In a recent incident, a Russian Su-27 fighter was deployed to intercept and escort a group of French Air Force aircraft operating over the Black Sea, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The encounter involved the identification of the foreign military aircraft, comprising an E-3F AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) and two Rafale C multi-role fighters.

As the Russian fighter approached, the foreign aircraft altered their course, steering away from the Russian Federation’s state border and exiting the Black Sea airspace.

Compliance with International Airspace Rules

The entire flight engagement adhered strictly to international rules governing airspace use.

The Russian Su-27 maintained a safe and non-threatening distance from the foreign aircraft, avoiding any dangerous maneuvers.

The incident underscores the adherence to established protocols even amid heightened tensions.

Increased Western Military Flights Over Black Sea

Since the initiation of the special military operation in Ukraine, there has been a notable surge in the frequency of Western combat and reconnaissance flights over the Black Sea.

Notably, on February 22, a British RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft was observed near Crimea, escorted by two Eurofighter Typhoon fighters.

The trend continued with a US Navy aircraft detected near Crimea in late January during Ukrainian military actions against the peninsula.

The Western aircraft’s flight path, originating from Sicily’s Sigonella US Naval Air Station, raised concerns about strategic information collection for potential use in the conflict.

Strategic Implications of Aircraft Presence

Analysts suggest that Western aircraft operating in the Black Sea region may be engaged in gathering strategic information, potentially aimed at supporting Kyiv in planning and executing military operations.

The increased sightings of foreign military planes near Crimea underscore the complex dynamics and geopolitical sensitivity of the Black Sea region amid ongoing developments in Ukraine.

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