Wanted Terrorist Turji Bello Not a Member of Nigeria Police Force, Says ACP Adejobi

Wanted Terrorist Turji Bello Not a Member of Nigeria Police Force, Says ACP Adejobi

Police PRO Dismisses Claims of Terrorist Infiltration

In response to insinuations that wanted terrorist kingpin Turji Bello has joined the Nigeria Police, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Nigeria Police Force, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has categorically denied these allegations.

The denial came through a brief statement issued by Adejobi via the X platform on Wednesday, addressing a netizen’s claim that Turji Bello was pictured in what appeared to be a police uniform.

Social Media Allegations Prompt Police Response

A netizen with the username @OnyiPathfinder raised the alarm, challenging Adejobi to provide clarity on the status of Turji Bello within the police force.

Sharing a photo purportedly showing Turji Bello in a police uniform, the netizen accused the notorious bandit leader of joining the police ranks and questioned the Police PRO’s avoidance of the issue.

Firm Denial from Police PRO

In response to the social media allegation, Adejobi refuted the claims, asserting that Turji Bello has never been recruited into the Nigeria Police Force.

He further clarified that the shared picture was not a recent one, debunking any notions of the wanted terrorist being part of the police establishment.

Public Clarification on Wanted Terrorist’s Status

The statement from the Police PRO aims to set the record straight and dispel any misinformation surrounding Turji Bello’s alleged affiliation with the Nigeria Police Force.

Turji Bello, a notorious bandit leader and terrorist operating in the northern part of Nigeria, has been declared wanted by security operatives.

Ongoing Security Concerns in Nigeria

The incident highlights the challenges faced by security forces in addressing the activities of wanted criminals and the potential for misinformation to spread on social media platforms.

The Nigeria Police Force remains vigilant in maintaining public trust and ensuring accurate information is disseminated regarding ongoing security operations and individuals of interest.