Rosie, Kenyan Nanny Loved by Employers’ Children, Reveals Surprise Family of Her Own

Rosie, a young Kenyan nanny who captured the hearts of her employers’ children in Lebanon, recently shared a heartwarming glimpse into her personal life. In an interview, Rosie had previously mentioned having three children—two boys and a girl—before embarking on her journey as a nanny.

In a video that has since gone viral, Rosie is seen sitting with her children, and her grown-up daughter radiates joy as she playfully interacts with her mother.

The close bond between Rosie and her children is evident, and the video has sparked discussions about Rosie’s unexpected family situation.

Rosie’s Loving Family:

Despite her youthful appearance, Rosie proudly introduced her children to the world, showcasing a beautiful and happy family. In the video, Rosie expresses gratitude for her former employers in Lebanon, describing them as a lovely family that welcomed her wholeheartedly.

Public Reactions:

The video generated various reactions from viewers, with many expressing admiration for Rosie’s fine-looking and cheerful children. Some were surprised by the revelation of Rosie’s family, given her youthful appearance. Comments poured in, commending the person who cared for Rosie’s children during her absence and urging Rosie to stay with her family.

  1. “Admiration for Rosie’s Children”

    Users like Zee.mesh couldn’t help but praise Rosie’s children, describing them as fine, healthy, and evidently in good hands.

  2. “Rosie’s Homecoming: A Joyful Reunion”

    Comments from GodieT and Chomsky highlight the positive change in Rosie’s demeanor since returning home, emphasizing the importance of staying with her children during their formative years.

  3. “Surprising Revelations: Rosie’s Youthful Family”

    Users, including Sabrinah and Hillarycatebabacal, express surprise at Rosie’s young appearance compared to her role as a mother of three.

  4. “Heartfelt Pleas for Rosie to Stay”

    Concerned comments from User19050347001453 and User7373736 urge Rosie to prioritize staying with her family, emphasizing the importance of a mother’s love and care.

  5. “Gratitude for the Caretaker”

    Revline Maswai and Ansa7184 extend appreciation to the person who cared for Rosie’s children during her absence, acknowledging the family’s beautiful and well-kept condition.

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