Florida State high institutions approve CLT as Entrance Exam

Florida’s Public Universities Adopt New Entrance Exam

Emphasis on Classical Western Thought

Florida’s public university system has given its approval for a new entrance examination that places a significant emphasis on classical Western thought. This examination, traditionally utilized predominantly by private and religious institutions, represents the latest step taken by the state to infuse conservative ideals into its education system.

Shift Towards Conservative Education

This decision reflects a broader trend within the state of Florida to introduce more conservative elements into its educational framework. The move towards adopting an entrance exam that emphasizes classical Western thought aligns with the state’s efforts to shape its educational institutions in line with conservative principles.

Implications for Florida’s Education System

The decision to incorporate this entrance exam could have substantial implications for Florida’s public universities. It signals a shift in the state’s educational priorities and could potentially influence the curriculum and educational philosophy within these institutions. The move is likely to draw both support and criticism, reflecting ongoing debates about the direction of education in the state of Florida.

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