Flames Engulf Southwest Airlines Plane’s Engine Moments After Take-Off

Flames Engulf Southwest Airlines Plane’s Engine Moments After Take-Off


In a harrowing incident captured on video, flames burst forth from the right engine of a Southwest Airlines plane just moments after take-off.

The aircraft was on its way from Texas to Cancun, Mexico, during the course of this week.

The distressing footage, recorded on Tuesday, depicts the plane’s ascent from William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas, when the engine suddenly erupted into flames, sending shockwaves through the passengers on board.

Passenger’s Shocking Account

Coale Kalisek, a passenger on the ill-fated flight, managed to film the terrifying occurrence.

Upon witnessing the flames, he immediately realized that something was amiss.


He recalled the moment with vivid detail, stating, “Damn, it’s gonna go down!” The unusual movement of the plane heightened his concern.

He described, “All I know is it started swinging like left to right, and I thought, I’ve been on a lot of flights.

I think I fly once or twice a month and I knew that wasn’t normal and so I opened up my window and I’m sitting next to the engine and that whole engine you see like fireballs coming out of it.”

Kalisek and his girlfriend were en route to Cancun from San Antonio when the incident occurred.

Prompt Action by Southwest Airlines

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, Southwest Airlines promptly took action.


The flight was rerouted back to the airport to address what was described as a “potential mechanical issue.”

The safety of the passengers remained a top priority, and a different airplane was arranged to ensure their continued journey to the Mexican holiday destination.

The airline expressed gratitude for the passengers’ patience and understanding, vowing to get them to their destinations as swiftly as possible.

Tragedy Strikes in Malaysia

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, another aviation tragedy unfolded.

A private jet crashed onto the tarmac in the town of Elmina in Shah Alam shortly before 3pm local time.


The jet had departed from the popular holiday island of Langkawi.

This unfortunate incident claimed the lives of all eight individuals on board the plane, as well as two motorists who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shocking video footage captured the plane’s immediate ignition into flames upon impact with the concrete surface.

Subsequent clips documented the aftermath, as the wreckage emitted billows of black smoke after veering off the road and onto the adjacent grass verge.

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