First-time Visitor Finds Nearly 5-Carat Diamond at Arkansas State Park

First-time Visitor Finds Nearly 5-Carat Diamond at Arkansas State Park

Lucky Discovery

Unexpected Treasure Hunt:

Jerry Evans, a fortunate first-time visitor to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, stumbled upon a remarkable discovery during a leisurely walk with his girlfriend.

Unaware of the gem’s value, he initially thought it was a piece of glass, casually picking it up and placing it in his pocket.

The surprising find occurred just 10 minutes into their visit to the park, adding an unexpected twist to their day.

From Glass Shard to ‘Evans Diamond’:

Upon returning home, Evans, intrigued by the clarity of the shard, decided to send it to the Gemological Institute of America for a professional assessment.

Several weeks later, he received an unexpected email confirming that the shard was, in fact, a near-colorless 4.87-carat diamond.

Overjoyed by the revelation, Evans expressed his excitement, stating, ‘When they called and told me it was real, I was tickled to death.’

The gem, now officially named the ‘Evans Diamond,’ turned a casual park stroll into a memorable event.

Unique Park:

Crater of Diamonds State Park, spanning 911 acres in Pike County, Arkansas, stands out as one of the few diamond-rich sites accessible to the public globally.

With a designated 37.5-acre area for visitors to search for rocks and minerals, the park uniquely allows individuals to keep any discoveries.

Since its establishment, the park has yielded over 35,000 diamonds, making it a noteworthy destination for amateur gem hunters.

Historical Gem:

While determining the exact monetary value of the diamond depends on factors like cut, clarity, and color, the park officials highlighted the historical significance of Evans’ find.

The ‘Evans Diamond’ is recognized as the largest diamond discovered at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in the past three years.

Notably, the park witnessed the recovery of the largest-ever U.S. diamond, the 40.23-carat ‘Uncle Sam,’ reinforcing its reputation as a treasure trove of precious stones.

Encouragement for Diamond Hunting:

Expressing his delight, Assistant Park Superintendent Waymon Cox acknowledged the exceptional nature of Evans’ find and encouraged others to try their luck at diamond hunting.

Evans echoed this sentiment, urging people to visit the park and explore the possibilities of making their own discoveries.

With 798 diamonds registered at the park in 2023, totaling more than 125 carats, the Crater of Diamonds State Park continues to captivate enthusiasts with its unique charm and potential for unexpected treasures.

Jerry Evans’ serendipitous discovery of the ‘Evans Diamond’ adds another chapter to the storied history of the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

The park’s distinctive feature of allowing visitors to keep their finds contributes to its allure as a unique destination for amateur gem hunters.

Evans’ encouragement for others to explore diamond hunting underscores the excitement and potential awaiting those who embark on this adventure.

The ‘Evans Diamond’ not only becomes a personal keepsake but also enriches the park’s legacy as a site of extraordinary discoveries.

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