Fintech Startup Krazzy Fin Pvt. Ltd. Launches a Unique Stock Market Gaming App – Bullspree

Fintech Startup Krazzy Fin Pvt. Ltd. Launches a Unique Stock Market Gaming App – Bullspree

Gujarat has made a significant contribution to the industrial revolution and entrepreneurship growth.

Almost every nationalised brand is owned by a Gujarati.

Continuing this tradition, Krazzy Fin Private Limited, a Gujarat-based fintech startup, has launched Bullspree, a unique Stock Market Gaming App platform for people who are interested in the stock market but lack a thorough understanding of it.


Harsh Dhanawat and Mr.

Dharmil Bavishi, Co-founders of BullspreeBullsprees interactive virtual interface enables ordinary people to begin their financial journey without taking any risks and to be rewarded for creating the greatest investment portfolios.

It uses real-time data from the stock market and allows users to enter contests in which they can choose the stocks with their own predictions.

Each contest ends with users winning a certain sum based on their predictions.

In its initial phase Bullspree has already garnered 100000+ downloads with an impressive 80% retention rate.

The initial response has been nothing short of phenomenal.

People are loving the user-friendly interface and the learning opportunities offered by the platform.

“During lockdown, more than one crore people chose to open a demat account but the majority of them failed owing to a lack of specialized knowledge.

Furthermore, millennials and Generation Z are continuously on the lookout for specific financial guidance in order to manage and grow their wealth in a more systematic and structured way.

The phenomenal growth of fintech companies as well as their ever-growing customer base, back-up this hypothesis.

Therefore, we thought of developing an ecosystem wherein potential stock market investors can actually get the real-world experience and comprehend the complex stock market in an engaging manner without burning a hole in their pocket.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced Bullspree with the goal of instilling trading culture in India and assisting today’s digital youth in making informed and educated investments,” said Dharmil Bavishi, Co-founder, Bullspree.

“Moreover, games inherently celebrate people’s journey and nurture self-expression.

Thats what we are committed to building with Bullspree, an organization that enables people anywhere in the world to enhance their intrinsic happiness through games in the world of financial markets,” he further added.

“Money has always been associated with an aspiration or dream.

But people get scared when they start to think of fulfilling their dreams by making money from the stock market.

Eventually, they put their dreams aside or forget about them.

Therefore, we decided to launch Bullspree with a unique campaign – Bullspree karega har sapna sach! With this campaign, we aim to connect with all of the dreamers out there and help them grasp the not-so- complicated stock market in a fun way; play contests, win prize money, and gain real-world stock market expertise.

Bullspree will assist them in beginning their investor journey based on a thorough understanding of the stock market.

We are going to launch this campaign in an integrated way using offline and online tools to establish a connection with the identified target audience,” said Harsh Dhanawat, Co-founder, Bullspree.

He added further, “We innovate to ensure our games provide an intersection between skill and entertainment, enabling our users to earn while they play.

The online gaming market is expected to reach 14 billion dollars by 2025, Bullspree is proud to be a part of this market.