FinTech Cybersecurity Threats

The Fintech sieves are everlastingly revolutionizing the financial services throughout, but it is also adding more for cyber bad actors.

Financial technology massively uses data as oil in the work frame, and oil is a great target for attackers, they can do anything they want with this oil.  

Over the past year, around $5 billion were lost due to these attacks, which seems very alarming for the money services, and their rapid use of technology.

With this, the need for cyber security professionals in this area is also booming, and in the coming time, there will be ruthless demand for these professionals. Let’s categorize some major cybersecurity threats and their destroying curve.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats In Finance

If you’re going to invest in the fintech industry, you must be aware of cybersecurity risks and challenges regarding fintech so that you can avoid any potential loss. Here are these online hazards;

1. Social Engineering

A psychological tactic for manipulating the victim to get control of the computer is known as social engineering. Have you ever talked to someone in a different voice while using any application on your phone, if yes then you are using social engineering. Similarly, social engineering attacks are ever-growing, especially in finance. 

Check your email inbox, you may get such emails in which attackers may have sent you emails hiding their real identity, for instance as a banker or any other company. They may have asked you for credit card info for maintenance or something like that, and many people become victims of such fake emails. So, never entertain such messages and emails, because they can easily suck your whole blood. For organizations, it is important to initiate such programs to alert costumes and employers to avoid such scamming. 

2. Ransomware

For instance, you are using your system and eventually, you are locked for access to certain files and programs, and the system asks for payment to get the access. This methodology falls under ransomware attacks, in which the attacker gets the command over your system, and asks for additional payments. These are very common in finance, as many exploiters use this technique to tear you apart.  

History is full of such attacks, as financial services usually store data regarding the customer’s financial records which may include passwords, and if the system gets into any ransom, then it costs a lot to recover. To keep ransoms away from the system, you need to install worthy antivirus software and have to keep the system up to date. 

3. Inside Dangers

How you use the system is also a threat to the financial services that you are using. For instance, on web scrolling, you may take a website that is full of malicious actors, and they install malicious software in the system, which software can destroy the whole framework of the system. In recent times, threat actors are sending malicious links to random numbers through messaging channels like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Many people click on that link, and these links does the role of stealers, they can get your personal information within seconds. 

Secondly, employers working in any financial organization should not disclose any key information, because that data can become common, and attackers can manipulate data in their mean way. 

4. Keystrokes

Keystrokes are software programs not the actual category of cybersecurity threats, but imposing a lot of dangers to financial organizations throughout. These software programs monitor every keystroke of your system. For instance, anything you are typing will be recorded through these programs. Many such programs automatically get into our system by trapping malicious websites or hyperlinks.  

Many incidents have given shockwaves to the general public and the commerce system. In many places, attackers have successfully installed these software applications in ATMs and kept an eye on every password that the user is typing. Although these software programs were designed to perfect employers and children using computers or smartphones, now attackers are using them for this purpose. 

5. Fake Trading Bots

With the rise in crypto and trading exchange stocks, people are readily using trading software applications. These trading bots help in capturing good profits over investments. But these bots are computer programs and integrate financial data, so it is also honey for exploiters. 

But the worst case scenario is that the market is full of such scamming trading bots which are for fake purposes, instead of helping investors they are programmed for looting the investors. World’s biggest stock exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, eToro, and many others are enhancing their cybersecurity to keep their eye on the bots that are affiliated with the users. In this regard, use only legal trading bots like bitcoin code which is reliable and secure for the trading of cryptocurrencies. Bot follows UK law bodies which makes it more convenient at the time of more risk. 


Online mania is very kind to its users, but at the same time, it can become evil. Financial services using digital products produce great outcomes but handling these technologies is equal responsibility to service providers and service utilizers. You need to keep track of attackers and cybercriminals. Follow the next lines to get how to keep yourself self from the threat actors;

  • Keep the system up to date, no compromise on the system updation. 
  • Never click any irrelevant hyperlinks or click on a website where you do not have any operation. 
  • Install only trustworthy software applications like antivirus.
  • Never share any personal information with others. 
  • Always use strong passwords, and do not use favorite characters in your passwords like favorite sportsmen or related.
  • Use authentic financial services only. 

Final Words

Cybersecurity threats are the ever growing dark side of using tech and the main fuel for these cyber threats is breaching the data records. In the online world, attackers can give you shockwaves through any means, they can steal your info, they can steal your whole money, or even digital currencies too. 

The major threats are in the form of social engineering, in which the attacker hides its real identity, keystrokes, in which the attacker can monitor your typing activity, and ransomware attacks in which you may be forced to pay additional for your resources. Therefore, it is always great to be on the safer side. 

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