Finneas Provides Insight Into Billie Eilish’s Upcoming Album – 85% Complete but Not Without Challenges

Finneas Provides Insight Into Billie Eilish’s Upcoming Album – 85% Complete but Not Without Challenges

Album Progress and Challenges:

In a recent interview with Mr. Porter, Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother and a crucial collaborator in her music production, shared updates on the progress of her next album.

Finneas revealed that the highly anticipated album is currently “85 percent done.”

However, the journey of creating this body of work hasn’t been without its challenges.

Emotional Complexity:

Finneas delved into the emotional complexity that Billie experienced during the album-making process.

He expressed that Billie struggled to define her feelings about the themes they were exploring in the songs.

Creating something that resonates deeply proved to be a challenging task, highlighting the intricate nature of the artistic process.

Connecting with the Material:

According to Finneas, there was uncertainty about how Billie truly felt about the subjects they were addressing in the album.

This uncertainty reflects the struggle artists sometimes face in fully connecting with and articulating the emotions and concepts they want to convey through their music.

Challenges of Songwriting:

Finneas, who actively collaborates with Billie in the songwriting process, shared personal challenges he encountered.

He discussed the difficulty of managing his own time amidst a demanding schedule that involved performing 88 shows within a year.

This experience led him to a realization about the potential atrophy of his songwriting skills if not consistently exercised.

The Rustiness and the Comeback:

Acknowledging a temporary decline in his songwriting abilities, Finneas admitted to feeling a bit rusty after taking time off.

The prospect of his songwriting muscle atrophying was discouraging, but he emphasized the need to get back in shape creatively, reflecting the dedication required in the art of crafting meaningful music.


Finneas’s insights into the progress of Billie Eilish’s upcoming album provide fans with a glimpse into the emotional and creative challenges involved in the music-making process.

Despite the difficulties, the commitment to delivering a compelling and authentic body of work remains evident as they navigate the final stages of album completion.

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