Boyfriend Arrested in Connection with Tech Worker Kimberly Wong’s Death

Tragic Discovery in San Francisco Apartment

In a chilling incident, 27-year-old tech worker Kimberly Wong was found stabbed to death in her apartment on the 3200 block of Clay Street in Presidio Heights, San Francisco.

The discovery was made during a welfare check on November 30, triggering a ‘domestic violence homicide’ investigation.

Boyfriend Arrested and Charged

Wong’s boyfriend, 29-year-old Scott Fisher, was apprehended about 45 miles away in Concord, CA, on Thursday.

Following his arrest, Fisher was booked into San Francisco County Jail and charged with murder. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office alleges that Fisher used a knife in the fatal stabbing of Ms. Wong.

Legal Proceedings and Justice Pursuit

As the case unfolds, no court date has been set for Fisher. The District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, expressed condolences to the victim’s friends and family, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to pursuing justice in the courtroom.

Despite the irreparable loss, the legal system aims to ensure accountability for the tragic incident.

Victim’s Background and Career

Kimberly Wong, a product designer for software developer Plaid since July 2021, had previously worked as a user experience designer at startup Splunk.

Graduating from the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering program in 2018, Wong was actively involved in student organizations supporting women in engineering and user experience.

Community Mourning and Shock

Neighbors and co-workers expressed shock and devastation over Wong’s untimely death. Described as positive, smart, and energetic, Wong’s tragic end left those who knew her questioning the senselessness of the incident. Red roses placed outside her condo symbolize the community’s mourning for the loss.

Remembering Kimberly Wong

Beyond her professional life, Kimberly Wong enjoyed word games, crossword puzzles, playing the piano, and outdoor activities. Colleagues and friends remember her as a vibrant individual, making her murder even more incomprehensible.

The head of the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium, Beverly Upton, labeled Wong’s death a ‘tragedy,’ highlighting the ongoing challenges surrounding domestic violence.

Conclusion: Seeking Answers and Healing

As legal proceedings progress, the San Francisco community grapples with the loss of a promising tech professional and the unsettling reality of domestic violence.

Wong’s tragic end serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address and prevent domestic violence, fostering a collective commitment to creating safer communities.

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