Lawyer To Felipe Massa To Request Lewis Hamilton To Give Up ‘2008 world title in legal challenge to F1’

Legal Battle Over F1 Title: Massa’s Team Grants Extension for Response

Request for Extended Response Time

Bernardo Viana, one of the lawyers representing Brazilian former F1 driver Felipe Massa, has disclosed that Massa’s legal team has agreed to extend the deadline for a response from Formula 1 (F1) and the sport’s governing body, the FIA. This extension, granted in good faith, gives F1 and the FIA until mid-October to respond to a Letter Before Claim that was sent to them in August.

Massa’s Allegations and Determination

Felipe Massa, now 42 years old, initiated legal proceedings claiming an alleged “conspiracy” that he believes cost him the F1 championship. He remains determined to be recognized as the world champion. Notably, the title for that season was won by Britain’s seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, but the circumstances surrounding the season have been shrouded in controversy.

Key Events of Contention

The controversy centers around the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. Massa, leading the race, saw his chances unravel when Nelson Piquet Jr., driving for Renault, crashed deliberately into a wall during the race. This crash led to a safety car deployment that benefited Fernando Alonso, Massa’s teammate, who ultimately won the race. Massa failed to score points after a botched pit stop, and Hamilton finished third, securing the championship by a single point.

Claims of Cover-up and Legal Actions

Massa and his legal team argue that the race should have been canceled, alleging that F1 officials were aware of what had transpired but concealed the information. The legal team seeks Lewis Hamilton’s support for their case, highlighting his role as a sports ambassador and honorary Brazilian citizen. They emphasize that their actions are not directed against Hamilton personally.

Hamilton’s Response

Hamilton, currently racing for Mercedes, has expressed his disinterest in events that transpired 15 years ago. His stance on the matter is clear, stating that he is not focused on the past.

Strong Confidence and Multi-Jurisdictional Battle

Despite the complexities of the case and the passage of time, Massa’s legal team remains confident in the strength of their case and the evidence they have gathered. They are prepared for a protracted legal battle and assert that the jurisdiction of this case extends beyond Britain, involving “several jurisdictions.”

Legal and Sporting Integrity Issues

Massa’s legal advisors, including sports law barrister Nick de Marco, believe that this case raises significant legal issues and touches upon matters of sporting integrity. They anticipate that it will not only be of interest to motorsports fans but also to anyone concerned with the fairness of sports competitions.

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