Fearless Couple’s Thrilling Picnic Adventure Over Brazilian Waterfall Goes Viral

Fearless Couple’s Thrilling Picnic Adventure Over Brazilian Waterfall Goes Viral

In a heart-pounding display of daring, a U.S couple recently shared a mesmerizing video capturing their picnic suspended around 262ft (80m) over a roaring waterfall in Brazil.

The couple, Christianna Hurt, 28, and her rapper boyfriend ‘OnPointLikeOp’, aka O.P, engaged in this gravity-defying feast, all while taking in the breathtaking surroundings of Cascata da Sepultura, a stunning waterfall located in Rio Grande do Sul.

The footage, which has gained significant attention on both Instagram and TikTok, showcases the couple savoring wine and indulging in a spread of delicacies while precariously hanging over the cascade.

Spectators were quick to commend their bravery, with users like ‘iamdianedenise’ praising, “You are so brave,” while ‘iamcurlybae’ humorously confessed, “I woulda lost my whole appetite.” ‘jericabrewer’ echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “I would be so scared.”

Christianna, a thrill-seeker who had recently taken part in cliff-jumping, shared her perspective on the experience with MailOnline Travel.

Contrary to expectations, she revealed that the nerve-racking picnic wasn’t as fear-inducing as one might think.

In fact, she described the high-altitude dining experience as “a piece of cake” for her and her boyfriend.

The extraordinary adventure was arranged through Rota Aventura, a local adventure company, which touts it as “a non-traditional picnic in the middle of the most beautiful waterfall there is.”

Christianna, who operates an e-commerce education platform, explained her discovery of the experience, recounting, “I was looking for things to do in Brazil that were different.”

The journey to the picnic spot was no ordinary one.

The couple embarked on a four-by-four and dune buggy ride to reach the waterfall, located around an hour’s drive from the wine-making town of Caxias do Sul.

After a brief walk through the river, they reached the zip-line platform ingeniously incorporated into the waterfall’s edge.

With harnesses securely fastened, Christianna and her boyfriend perched themselves on the picnic table, which was then affixed to the zipline.

A crew member from Rota Aventura deftly navigated the table along the zip line, suspending the couple above the cascading water.

The picnic, comprising an assortment of fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and sandwiches, was unveiled, accompanied by glasses of wine.

Christianna acknowledged, “It’s only about a 15-minute experience total… the experience is more about the scenery, not the food.”

For a fee of $450 (£352), the couple not only enjoyed the captivating adventure but also received photography and drone footage capturing the unique picnic escapade.

As if the suspended picnic wasn’t thrilling enough, Rota Aventura offers additional heart-pounding experiences at the waterfall, including lounging in a hammock above the falls or participating in a daring ‘pendulum’ bungee-jump.

For those curious to witness more of Christianna’s daring exploits, her Instagram and TikTok accounts offer a visual journey into her exhilarating adventures.

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