FCCPC Announces N56 Billion Internally Generated Revenue for 2023

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) revealed that its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the year 2023 reached an impressive N56 billion.

This announcement was made by FCCPC Executive Vice Chairman Babatunde Irukera during a media engagement in Abuja themed “Reflections on the road so far, and road ahead.”

IGR Breakdown:

Executive Vice Chairman Babatunde Irukera provided insights into the composition of the N56 billion IGR, highlighting that a substantial portion, specifically N22.4 billion, had been remitted to the Federal Government.

Notably, Irukera emphasized that 90% of the generated revenue was derived from fines imposed on companies, underlining the significance of accountability in maintaining a stable market.

Accountability Measures:

Irukera emphasized the FCCPC’s commitment to holding businesses accountable for their actions.

He stressed that the commission’s approach involves implementing a consequence management system rather than aiming to shut down businesses.

The focus is on ensuring that companies face appropriate repercussions for any market-distorting activities.

Budget Analysis:

A comprehensive analysis of the Commission’s budget from 2017 to 2023 was provided by Irukera.

He outlined the evolution of the FCCPC’s financial standing, showcasing the organization’s increasing capacity for generating internal revenue.

The figures indicated a substantial growth in IGR over the years, culminating in the remarkable N56 billion for 2023.

Financial Contributions to Government:

Irukera highlighted instances where the FCCPC exceeded government expectations in financial contributions.

In 2021, the agency remitted N1.6 billion to the government, surpassing the N1.3 billion released from the treasury.

Similarly, in 2022, despite a government budget of N1.3 billion, the FCCPC generated N5.2 billion and remitted N2.6 billion, demonstrating a positive financial impact on government revenue.

Emphasis on Responsibility:

Irukera reiterated the importance of companies taking responsibility for their actions and urged them to establish standalone complaints resolution platforms.

This emphasis aligns with the FCCPC’s commitment to fostering a market environment where accountability is prioritized, promoting fair practices and protecting consumer rights.


The FCCPC’s announcement of a substantial N56 billion IGR for 2023 reflects the commission’s financial growth and effective regulatory measures.

The emphasis on accountability and the transparent breakdown of revenue sources underscore the commitment to maintaining a stable and fair market environment.

The FCCPC’s positive financial contributions to the government further demonstrate its significant role in the economic landscape.

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