FBI pressed to release Epstein’s missing documents, suspecting Mossad link

Fresh Calls for FBI to Release Missing Evidence from Epstein’s Townhouse

The FBI is under renewed pressure to disclose a trove of allegedly ‘missing’ evidence seized from Jeffrey Epstein’s opulent $51 million New York townhouse.

This demand comes in the wake of the release of a recent list detailing Epstein’s associates.

The missing items, including tapes, CDs, passports, and photographs, were reportedly stored in a safe within the property during a raid in July 2019, shortly after Epstein’s arrest.

Speculations Surrounding Epstein’s Intelligence Connections

Amidst the controversy, speculations persist about Epstein’s potential ties to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad before his suicide while facing charges of child sex offenses.

FBI agent Kelly Maguire, a key witness in the sex-trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, testified that the agency uncovered the evidence during the 2019 raid, including ‘loose diamonds’ and ‘large amounts of US currency.’

However, the agents could only photograph the contents, lacking a warrant for removal.

Mysterious Disappearance of Evidence

Upon the FBI’s return to seize the evidence on July 11, it was reportedly missing, as stated by Maguire.

The evidence was allegedly later returned in two suitcases by Richard Kahn, Epstein’s former lawyer and executor of his estate.

While Maguire could not confirm the consistency of the CDs’ content with the photographed ones, she asserted that all items had been accounted for.

Epstein’s Potential Honeypot Operation and Mossad Connections

Revelations about meticulously labeled CDs found in Epstein’s Upper East Side residence, along with reports of lewd photographs of children in the safe, have fueled speculation about a potential honeypot entrapment operation.

Former Israeli spies have even suggested that Epstein may have been involved in such activities, further claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell, initiated Epstein into the world of espionage as a Mossad agent.

High-Profile Names on the Associate List

The controversy deepens as the list of Epstein’s associates is unveiled, featuring prominent figures such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Leslie Wexner, the lingerie tycoon who reportedly gifted the townhouse to Epstein for just $1.

The mansion, with its 40 rooms, took the FBI 12 hours to sweep during the 2019 raid.

Lawyers for Richard Kahn, who played a role in the return of the evidence, are yet to provide a comment on the matter.

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