Father Devastated After Coroner’s Verdict on Son’s Death

Father Devastated After Coroner’s Verdict on Son’s Death

The father of a man who tragically passed away after allegedly being coerced into consuming two bottles of brandy as a forfeit has expressed his devastation following the coroner’s verdict.

Umar Aziz, 35, lost his life under distressing circumstances, prompting an investigation into the events leading up to his death.

Inquest Findings

After a week-long inquest, Coroner Martin Fleming delivered a verdict stating that there was insufficient evidence to support the claim of unlawful killing in Umar Aziz’s case.

The coroner concluded that there was no indication that Aziz had been forced to drink the brandy against his will or that the liquid in another bottle he consumed was anything other than Lucozade.

Lack of Charges

Although the police arrested the five individuals who were present with Aziz on the night of his death, they were unable to gather enough evidence to press charges against them.

Despite suspicions surrounding the circumstances of Aziz’s demise, the legal proceedings did not result in any criminal charges being brought against the individuals involved.

Father’s Response

Mohabbat Aziz, the grieving father of Umar Aziz, expressed his profound devastation following the coroner’s verdict.

Despite enduring a sleepless night before the verdict was delivered, Mohabbat Aziz refrained from making any further comments, emphasizing the profound impact of his son’s untimely passing on him and his family.

Allegations of Coercion

During the inquest, evidence was presented suggesting that Umar Aziz may have been coerced into consuming the brandy as a form of punishment during a card game.

Concerns were raised regarding the actions of Aziz’s friends, who were allegedly involved in the events leading up to his death.

Coroner’s Remarks

Coroner Martin Fleming delivered a narrative verdict, highlighting the circumstances surrounding Umar Aziz’s death.

While acknowledging the role of alcohol consumption in Aziz’s demise, the coroner emphasized the lack of conclusive evidence to support claims of foul play or coercion.

Criticism of Friends’ Actions

Despite refraining from labeling Aziz’s death as unlawful killing, Coroner Fleming criticized the actions of Aziz’s friends.

He highlighted their irresponsible behavior and emphasized that they could have done more to ensure Aziz’s safety and well-being on the night of his death.

Police Investigation

The police conducted an investigation into Umar Aziz’s death, interviewing the individuals present on the night of the incident.

However, the lack of concrete evidence and the absence of key items, such as the Lucozade bottle consumed by Aziz, hampered the investigation and ultimately led to no charges being filed.

Pathologist’s Findings

Pathologist Dr. Richard Knight determined that Umar Aziz’s cause of death was acute alcohol intoxication.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding Aziz’s passing, the exact sequence of events leading up to his death remained unclear, contributing to the complexity of the case.


The untimely death of Umar Aziz has left his family and loved ones grappling with profound grief and unanswered questions. While the coroner’s verdict provided some clarity, it failed to alleviate the anguish felt by those affected by Aziz’s passing.

As they continue to mourn his loss, they seek solace in cherished memories of a beloved son, husband, and father whose life was tragically cut short.