Farmers digging trenches to stop stolen cars at Beitbridge Border

Farmers digging trenches to stop stolen cars at Beitbridge Border

Community Activism at Beitbridge Border Post: A Last Resort Against Cross-Border Crimes

PA Leads Policing Operation at Beitbridge

In the face of escalating cross-border crimes at Beitbridge Border Post, community members have taken matters into their own hands, with the Patriotic Alliance (PA) at the forefront.

Led by Gayton McKenzie and Kenny Kunene, the PA has assumed the role of ‘border patrol officers,’ aiming to impede the illegal entry of foreigners from Zimbabwe into South Africa.

This unconventional approach has shed light on the challenges faced by the PA, as they encounter difficulties and risks due to inadequate support from officials, particularly at illegal entry points like the Limpopo River.

McKenzie’s Thoughts on the Border Crisis

Gayton McKenzie, a leader of the Patriotic Alliance, squarely blames the government for permitting the unhindered movement of illegal foreigners across the border.

Expressing concern, he asserts that South Africa effectively lacks a border.

McKenzie reveals that the PA members have been stationed at key points to thwart the return of Zimbabweans and have intercepted individuals carrying illegal goods, ranging from cigarettes to firearms.

Moreover, he points to a disconcerting alliance involving police, SANDF (South African National Defence Force), local farmers, and traffic officials, forming what he terms a “mafia syndicate.”

Unearthing Positive Initiatives Amidst Crisis

In the course of their policing efforts, McKenzie unveils a surprising discovery on the second day—a farmer, single-handedly protecting numerous stolen vehicles from crossing the river.

The locals and farmers, frustrated by unaddressed complaints about stolen cars entering Zimbabwe daily, took matters into their own hands.

They dug trenches along the illegal routes, demonstrating a grassroots initiative to prevent vehicle crossings.

This development, albeit heart-wrenching, signifies a positive response from the community in the absence of official intervention.

McKenzie’s Reflection on Policing Reality

As the Patriotic Alliance persists in its unconventional border patrol, McKenzie reflects on the sobering reality.

While acknowledging the limitations of their actions in stopping all illegal crossings, he emphasizes that their primary goal is to spotlight the crisis, bringing attention to the pervasive dangers faced by the community.

McKenzie stresses that the country is grappling with a much larger problem than they can visibly address and urges a shift from mere complaints to proactive efforts in safeguarding the nation for future generations.

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