Fans Delighted as Wizkid and Davido Showcase Unity Through Dance

Fans Delighted as Wizkid and Davido Showcase Unity Through Dance

In a surprising turn of events, the longstanding rivalry between two Nigerian music giants, Wizkid and Davido, took a backseat as they were spotted joyfully dancing to ‘Asake’s Lonely At The Top’ at the EvenInTheDay event.

This unexpected display of camaraderie has sparked widespread celebration among fans of the artists.

Celebration Amidst Rivalry:

Despite the history of fan-based rivalry between the supporters of Wizkid and Davido, a video emerged on Monday, shared by Davido, capturing the two artists dancing together to the beats of ‘Asake’s Lonely At The Top.’

The event marked a rare moment of unity, setting a positive tone for fan reactions.

The collaborative dance moment challenges preconceived notions of rivalry, emphasizing that even artists with a competitive history can come together in the spirit of celebration.

Social Media Eruption:

Following Davido’s Instagram story post, fans of both Wizkid and Davido flooded social media with reactions.

Traditionally known for engaging in online confrontations, this instance took a different turn, with fans expressing delight at witnessing their favorite artists enjoying each other’s music.

The shift in fan behavior on social media reflects the influence artists can have in promoting a message of unity and shared appreciation among their followers.

Fan Reactions:

One Twitter user, @Bigdera, offered a perspective on Davido’s excitement, suggesting that the acclaimed singer was pleasantly surprised to see Wizkid enthusiastically vibing to his song.

The tweet reads, “Davido is such a huge fan, he was definitely shocked to see the Big Wiz vibe to his song. Starboy dey for everybody.” (sic)

@Bigdera’s tweet highlights the unexpected nature of the moment, emphasizing that genuine appreciation for each other’s work can transcend fan-driven rivalries.

Unity in the Music Industry:

The joint dance session between Wizkid and Davido serves as a symbolic gesture within the Nigerian music industry.

While both artists have distinct styles and fan bases, this shared moment underscores the potential for collaboration and harmony among industry peers.

The incident sheds light on the positive impact artists can have by fostering unity, not only among fans but within the broader music community.


The impromptu dance collaboration between Wizkid and Davido at the EvenInTheDay event has become a momentous occasion for fans and the music industry alike.

This unexpected display of unity challenges stereotypes surrounding artist rivalries, showcasing that shared appreciation and celebration can triumph over competition.

As fans revel in the harmonious dance session, the incident may pave the way for a more collaborative and supportive atmosphere within the Nigerian music scene.

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