Falz Opens Up About Knee Surgery: Overcoming Injury for Music and Soccer

Falz Opens Up About Knee Surgery: Overcoming Injury for Music and Soccer


In a recent revelation, Folarin “Falz, the Bahdguy” Falana, the renowned Nigerian rapper and singer, shed light on his decision to undergo knee surgery.

This choice stemmed from a persistent knee injury that had been causing him significant discomfort.

On May 2, 2023, it was widely reported that Falz had undergone knee surgery at a hospital in London, United Kingdom.

The Severity of the Injury

During a candid interview, Falz disclosed the seriousness of his knee injury, which had not only inflicted considerable pain but also impeded his ability to perform on stage.

Despite exploring various non-surgical remedies, the rapper ultimately opted for surgery to restore full mobility and continue pursuing his dual passions: music and soccer.


The Trigger: An Unfortunate Football Injury

Falz attributed the need for surgery to an unfortunate incident during a football game, which occurred during his appearance on Cool FM Nigeria’s The Big Friday Show, hosted by reality star Tacha.

In the interview, he elaborated on the severity of the injury, emphasizing its immediate medical necessity.

Falz also expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the medical team responsible for the surgery and his subsequent recovery.

A Glimpse into the Surgery

Describing the nature of the surgery, Falz stated, “It was a very difficult time for me.

I had ACL reconstruction surgery.


Your ACL is like a ligament that holds your knee together.

What actually happened is that that ligament torn totally. S

o the knee kind of scattered.”

He attributed the injury to a sudden twist of fate during a routine football run, despite having played the sport since childhood.

This injury, while unexpected, is a relatively common occurrence among athletes.


However, with the surgery completed, Falz is now on the path to recovery.

He is actively engaged in rehabilitation, including physiotherapy and exercises aimed at restoring his knee’s strength to 100 percent.

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