FactDr Ventures into Elective Laser Surgeries with their New Vertical – goficure

FactDr Ventures into Elective Laser Surgeries with their New Vertical – goficure

FactDr introduces goficure; its new venture, an elective surgery platform based in Bangalore.

goficure has partnered with specialty hospitals and some of the top surgeons and doctors in Bangalore.

It is committed to providing cost-effective surgical assistance and health services to patients in a safe and compassionate environment.

goficure is an asset-light enterprise making laser-assisted elective surgeries affordable for their patients.

People from all walks of life irrespective of their financial background or social status can get access to A-list surgeons and top hospitals.

goficure has teamed up with reputed hospitals and has managed to bring down the treatment cost by even 50 percent in some cases.

goficure is an initiative by Jaagrit Sachdeva and Meenakshi Venugopal who have in the past managed and grown two separate education ventures.

Jaagrit says, “The world needs cure with care and that is where goficure comes in.

” Every patient getting treated through goficure get a dedicated Medi-Pals.

Medi-Pals are personal dedicated coordinators who ensure that the patient gets all the required assistance and more.

This is limited to not only the treatment, but also post-surgery recovery.

They coordinate booking appointments, scheduling the surgery, taking care of the paperwork, and other formalities.

Medi-Pals also assist patients in getting their insurance claimed for surgeries.

Patients having second thoughts about surgeries can talk to their respective Medi-Pals and share their concerns.

Once a patient decides to have surgery, the Medi-Pals ensures that it is done without any hassles.

They also arrange for follow-up visits and post-operative care.

Moreover, they help patients recover completely without any complications so they can go back to their normal lives soon.

Meenakshi Venugopal, the Co-founder of goficure says, “Today, patients are looking for reliable and honest medical opinions.

They need to know the diagnosis given by their doctor is in their best interests and not commercially motivated.

” goficure ensures patients get the correct diagnosis and surgery is only advised when absolutely required.

The final decision lies with the patient.

goficure is a one-stop solution for the treatment of multiple health conditions.

They have launched their services with proctology and offer anorectal laser surgeries for hemorrhoids/piles, anal fistulas, anal fissures, and pilonidal sinus.

They also plan to soon start treatments in: Gynaecology Fertility ENT Orthopedics Ophthalmology Urology Laparoscopy Urology Vascular Aesthetics goficure ensures maximum safety for their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All their Medi-Pals and other staff have received at least the first dose of vaccination, with most of them being double vaccinated.

Their partner hospitals, clinics, doctors, and member staff follow strict safety precautions through proper sanitization, social distancing, and screening of temperatures.

They ensure that their staff members wear proper safety shields and protective gear during patient visitations.

goficure guarantees:Holistic treatment – the goficure team believes not just in treating the ailment but taking overall care of their patients.

Apart from arranging appointments and taking care of scheduling the surgeries, the team believes in providing emotional support to their customers.

They will also help patients commute, post-op follow-ups and recovery.

Pain-free laser treatments – The service provides pain-free laser surgeries to treat several medical conditions.

Right now, they have started with anorectal surgeries, and soon they will be covering more.

Laser-assisted surgeries offer quick recovery, fewer complications, at more affordable prices than open or traditional surgeries.

Hassle-free service – Whether it is consulting a doctor, scheduling a follow-up visit, or arranging transportation, goficure will take care of everything.

They aim to provide seamless services at minimum inconveniences.

Confidentiality – No patient information or service detail is shared with any third party.

Doctors and Medi-Pals maintain complete confidentiality of the treatment.

Patients are advised to shed all their inhibitions and share their concerns with their doctors.

Safety – goficure’s aim is not just to provide immediate relief to the symptoms but to also focus on long-term and permanent treatment of the ailment.

Transparent pricing system – The team will explain the cost of treatment in detail to the patient.

There are no hidden charges.

The doctors and surgeons will also explain any underlying complications of the surgeries and their impact on the overall cost.

Quick diagnosis and treatment – goficure understands that each moment the patient spends in discomfort impacts their quality of life.

Their objective is to provide quick diagnosis and treatment to the patients so that their suffering comes to an end, and they can go back to living their life to the fullest.

Specialized doctors – goficure only works with specialist surgeons and doctors from top hospitals and clinics in Bangalore.

It does not matter whether the symptoms are mild or chronic, all patients are guaranteed top services from specialist doctors.

Insurance claims – goficure Medi-Pals assist with formalities regarding insurance claims for the patients.

About goficure goficure is a vertical of FactDr, a digital global healthcare platform.

Founded in 2021, the enterprise is based in Bangalore and offers services in elective surgery treatments.

The company believes in making laser-assisted elective surgeries affordable for its patients.

At present, their services are available in Bangalore, but they have plans to spread their services in other parts of India shortly.

The company websites can be visited at goficure.

com and factdr.


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