Fact Check: No evidence petrol stations will shutdown on Friday

With petrol prices climbing it isn’t surprising that a voice note is doing the rounds on social media, warning citizens to fill up their tanks in anticipation of a protest.

The voice note, which surfaced on WhatsApp, warns that a major shutdown of petrol stations would take place on Friday.

“Guys, please a reminder that Friday there is a major shutdown of all petrol stations,”

Voice note

Africa Check confirmed that no evidence supported claims that petrol stations would close on Friday. Image: Pexels

Petrol station shutdown claims go viral

The unidentified woman who produced to clip claims that ‘guys at our petrol station’ had confirmed the protest, adding that her husband’s company had warned staff across SA to fill their tanks up on Thursday.

 “There’s gonna be no petrol available on Friday. Could go through to Saturday and Sunday. So fill up your tanks with everything that you need for the weekend.”

Voice note

Voice note a sham: Africa Check

However, Africa Check has now weighed in on the allegations which failed to mention when exactly this alleged petrol station shutdown would take place.

With the claim quickly going viral on Facebook, Africa Check says that no evidence of the alleged protest could be found.

Major petrol companies, BP Southern Africa and Sasol, have both confirmed that the voice note is a fake. Sasol spokesperson Matebello Motloung commented that:

“It has been brought to our attention that a voice message is circulating in social media regarding a national shutdown of filling stations on Friday 11 March 2022. Please note that the message is false and that all our sites remain operational,”

Sasol spokesperson Matebello Motloung

BP Southern Africa also responded to requests for comment by denying any allegations of a shutdown.

“We are not aware of any planned shutdown of petrol stations. We are only hearing about it on social media, so as far as we are concerned it’s business as usual.”

BP Southern Africa

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