Eyebrow Waxing vs Threading: Which One is Best?

Eyebrow Waxing vs Threading: Which One is Best?

Choosing between eyebrow waxing and threading isn’t an easy decision. Both procedures bring many benefits to your brow hair and look. Besides, they are both quick to do and pretty much painless. However, they are different; each is better for a certain person and skin. Let’s see which one is better for you.

  • What is eyebrow waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is a technique where warm wax, usually made of lime, sugar, and water, is applied to the body area you want to remove all hair, including those that aren’t as visible. This method is fast and very effective, being the one that removes more hair.

Although this process is safe, especially because it doesn’t use any chemical product, some skin may still suffer. For example, if you get sunburnt in the area you want to wax, wait until your skin is healed. Also, waxing isn’t good for skin that is too sensitive. Therefore, it is important to know your skin before getting waxed.

  • What is eyebrow threading?

Eyebrow threading is a method to remove hair as old as waxing. It uses cotton thread to remove eyebrow hairs by trapping them and pulling them out from the follicle. It is also fast but takes a bit longer than waxing, and although it does remove most hair, some parts are dangerous to use threading since it is too close to the brows, so it can accidentally remove some brow hair.

However, an experienced esthetician can remove all hair you want using threading without removing any of your brow hair. This method isn’t recommended for those with super sensitive skin, although it can be less aggressive than waxing.

  • Does eyebrow threading last more than waxing?

Both methods remove the hair by its root, taking the same time to grow back. However, waxing does make the hair that grows back thinner.

A benefit of threading is that you can go with any hair type. For example, waxing requires the hair to be grown so the wax can stick to it. However, threading allows any length of hair. 

  • Does eyebrow threading hurt more than waxing?

One of the biggest doubts is which one hurts the most. The truth is that each hurt differently, so which one is more painful depends on you. Overall, the brow area is one of the least painful areas in the body to remove hair, independent of waxing or threading.

  • Which one is better? Eyebrow waxing or threading?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Threading is perfect for those with little hair that wants to keep a natural shape, while waxing is ideal for those with a lot of hair since it removes the hair more quickly. Both techniques are great and will bring wonderful results.

Yet, going to a high-quality beauty salon with expert estheticians is fundamental. Luckily, we have the right one for you. 

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