U.S. military facing grave threat as recent revelations from DoD indicate presence of white supremacists within its ranks

Infiltration of White Supremacists and Insurrectionists

The U.S. military is facing a grave threat as recent revelations from the Department of Defense (DoD) indicate the presence of white supremacists and insurrectionists within its ranks.

The Pentagon’s report released on November 30 disclosed the investigation of 183 instances of extremism, including 78 cases involving the advocacy or support for the overthrow of the U.S. Government.

However, experts argue that these figures may be a significant underestimate, pointing to alarming cases within the Armed Forces.

Extremist Plots and Military Training

Notably, both current and former Army members have been implicated in plots ranging from the assassination of political leaders to bombing media organizations and attempting to topple the government.

While many of these plots have not materialized, the military training possessed by the perpetrators raises concerns about the potential for deadly consequences.

Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, criticizes the Pentagon for not addressing the issue adequately, warning of the potential for more violent and successful terrorist attacks.

Long-Standing Issues and Lack of Priority

Historically, radicalization within the U.S. military has been a concern.

Military investigators and experts, such as Carter F. Smith, emphasize the importance of addressing the issue despite claims that the numbers are small.

The report comes in the wake of a military-wide pause ordered by the Pentagon after the January 6 riots, revealing a lack of preparedness to tackle extremism within its ranks.

Growing Trends and Threats

The alarming trends of extremism within the military have become more apparent over the past decade.

Notably, there has been a rise in the formation of murderous Neo-Nazi groups by former soldiers, increased plots to attack critical infrastructure, and a significant number of military backgrounds among those charged in connection with the Capitol siege in 2021.

Concerns about White Nationalism and Disconnect in Reporting

Experts point out a concerning reflection of the rise in white nationalism in wider society within the military.

The DoD’s report appears to have a disconnect with a 2020 Military Times poll, indicating a potentially higher number of military personnel involved in extremist activities.

The historical recruitment strategy of white supremacist groups encouraging members to join the military for weapons training adds an additional layer of concern.

Threats to Critical Infrastructure: Extremist Acts Targeting Power Stations

Recent cases highlight the growing number of military personnel targeting critical power stations in the U.S. as part of neo-Nazi terror groups.

Security chiefs express increasing concerns about ballistic threats on the energy sector, with previous attacks resulting in prolonged power outages.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of domestic terrorists calling for physical attacks on critical infrastructure, posing significant risks to national security.

The Rise of “Accelerationism” and Extremist Groups

The rise of “accelerationism,” an ideology seeking to destabilize society and trigger a race war, is identified as a driving force behind the growing threat from the far right.

The report mentions the creation of a neo-Nazi group known as The Base, linked to several murders and plotting attacks on power infrastructure.

This group, along with its offshoot Atomwaffen Division (AWD), exemplifies the dangers posed by extremist ideologies within the military.

Conclusion: Urgent Need for Action

The infiltration of white supremacists and insurrectionists within the U.S. military poses a severe threat, with potentially far-reaching consequences.

Urgent and comprehensive action is necessary to address this issue, safeguard national security, and prevent further radicalization within the ranks of the Armed Forces.

The question remains: Will the military take the necessary steps to root out extremism and protect the values it is sworn to defend?

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