Exploring the Haunted History of the American Horror Story Murder House

Exploring the Real Haunting of the American Horror Story Murder House

An Unconventional Horror Story Setting

The American Horror Story series is known for its eerie and spine-chilling locations, and one of the most iconic is the Murder House, also known as the Rosenheim Mansion.

This real-life house in Los Angeles, California, featured prominently in the show’s first season, but its dark history doesn’t end on the television screen.

Haunting in Reality

While the Murder House wasn’t the site of actual murders, it’s believed to be genuinely haunted.

The house takes inspiration from infamous ‘murder houses’ across the United States, such as the Amityville Manor and Franklin House.

Designed by architect Alfred Rosenheim in 1908, the mansion stands as an imposing structure in the Country Club Park neighborhood.

Notably, it has served as a backdrop for not just American Horror Story but also other popular shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, and Law & Order: SVU.

Ghostly Encounters

The tales of hauntings within this mansion have been documented for years.

The current owner, Angela Oakenfold, has shared her own experiences, including seeing the apparition of a butler on the stairs and the spirits of former nuns rocking back and forth in rocking chairs.

These nuns lived in the mansion during its days as a convent. The mansion’s history and architecture create an eerie atmosphere that goes beyond fiction.

Celebrity Exorcism: A Closer Look

Recently, exorcist Rachel Stavis opened up about her experiences in the Murder House during a session of “Celebrity Exorcism.”

Alongside celebrities like Shar Jackson, Metta World Peace, and Jodie Sweetin, Stavis delved into the supernatural.

She described the house as astonishingly large, with its very own chapel, which hints at its significant past, including the time when nuns resided there.

Encountering a Collector Entity

Stavis revealed that, unexpectedly, she encountered an entity in the house, known as a Collector.

These entities are drawn to spaces filled with trauma and can trap deceased individuals like “batteries” to haunt the living.

What’s even more intriguing is that this Collector was found in the basement of the mansion.

This basement held a unique situation because the deceased nuns, still lingering there, restricted the entity to a single floor.

This revelation took Stavis by surprise, as she hadn’t anticipated such complexities.

Caution to Visitors

Rachel Stavis also issued a warning to those who visit the Murder House, particularly eager photographers.

The fame of the house and its somewhat accessible location attract many enthusiasts.

She emphasized that before the exorcism, the entity had free reign in the basement and the surroundings, which could lead to strange experiences for visitors.

People often reported feeling drained, experiencing headaches, or feeling unusually tired after taking pictures near the house.

Spine-Chilling Incidents

Jodie Sweetin, of Full House fame, had a terrifying experience when something “screamed in her ear” while she was in the basement.

The camera crew setting up for filming also encountered unsettling incidents.

Cameramen reported being pushed and touched by an unseen force while preparing their equipment, creating an eerie atmosphere in this iconic but haunted location.

The Murder House of American Horror Story, it seems, is not just a set for horror fiction but a place where the line between reality and the supernatural becomes eerily blurred.

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