Experienced Geduld Leads Blitzboks into Dubai Sevens Challenge

Blitzboks Eager for Success in Dubai Sevens Opener

Return to Familiar Ground:

The Blitzboks squad has landed in Dubai for the opening tournament of the 2023-2024 sevens season, anticipating a strong start at the Dubai Sevens.

For the experienced team, this tournament not only offers a chance for victory but also serves as a momentum builder leading into the Cape Town tournament.

New Season, New Focus:

With the beginning of a new season comes the usual infusion of new faces and a renewed sense of focus.

Stalwart player Geduld acknowledges the importance of maintaining concentration on team objectives.

Clear final preparations and sharpness are emphasized as crucial elements leading into match days.

Geduld’s insights provide a glimpse into the team’s mindset and the emphasis on preparation and focus.

Sticking to Winning Processes:

The Blitzboks aim for an impressive 11th tournament win in Dubai, but Geduld emphasizes the team’s commitment to their own processes.

Learning from past experiences, the team’s focus is on adhering to their structures and executing them effectively to achieve positive results.

The emphasis on internal processes and lessons learned adds depth to the team’s strategic approach.

Individual Experience:

As the most experienced member of the squad, Geduld brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, entering his 55th tournament.

Expressing his fondness for the Dubai tournament, Geduld reflects on the team’s overnight journey and looks forward to settling in and starting preparations.

Geduld’s individual experience contributes to the team’s overall stability and confidence.

Positive Outlook:

The Blitzboks squad, known for its historical success in Dubai, maintains a positive outlook.

Despite tough competition, Geduld stresses the team’s focus on their own game and structures as the key to achieving favorable results.

The positive outlook and focus on internal strengths reinforce the team’s confidence and determination.

Conclusion: Optimism for a Strong Start

As the Blitzboks settle into Dubai, there is a palpable sense of optimism, driven by past successes and a commitment to internal processes.

The team’s journey begins with a keen eye on victory in the Dubai Sevens.

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