Dean McDermott’s New Life: A Divorce, New Girlfriend, and Government Assistance

Introduction: A New Chapter for Dean McDermott

Canadian-born actor Dean McDermott, aged 56, has recently made headlines for a significant shift in his life. This transformation includes a divorce from wife Tori Spelling, a change in his living situation, and a newfound relationship.

McDermott was spotted visiting the Department of Social Services’ West Valley office in the company of his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, aged 32, who works as a senior account executive at Conscious Community Global.

From Wealthy Enclave to a Different Reality

Not long ago, Dean McDermott was residing in Hidden Hills, a private enclave and home to prominent figures like the Kardashians and Jenners.

His wife, Tori Spelling, is the daughter of a multi-millionaire. However, he now finds himself in the midst of a divorce and a significantly altered living situation.

Instead of a lavish lifestyle, McDermott is living in a San Fernando Valley rental home alongside four male roommates.

A New Relationship Shines a Light

Amid these changes, there’s a bright spot in Dean McDermott’s life: he has a new girlfriend, Lily Calo. Lily, a 32-year-old senior account executive at Conscious Community Global, was first identified by PageSix.

The circumstances of their meeting and the duration of their relationship remain unclear. However, they were recently seen together at a health and human services organization, apparently collaborating on a project with a ‘creative development team.’

A Visit to the Department of Social Services

Dean McDermott and Lily Calo were photographed heading to the Department of Social Services West Valley office in Chatsworth, where they arrived shortly before closing time.

This visit indicates that McDermott may have encountered financial difficulties following his separation from Tori Spelling in June.

McDermott was dressed casually, notably without the Balenciaga fanny pack he was seen wearing in a recent outing.

A Peek into Lily Calo’s Background

Lily Calo, originally from New Jersey, worked as a gallery director and co-founder of Canvas in Austin, Texas, before relocating to Los Angeles.

She joined Conscious Community Global in September. In an interview from 2021, she expressed her passion for experiencing different cultures and the role of the arts in broadening horizons.

A Lighthearted Approach to Government Assistance

Dean McDermott, who had been out of the dating scene for nearly two decades, appeared in good spirits during the visit to the government office.

He and Lily stood in line, where they were seen laughing and making jokes.

It seemed that they went relatively unnoticed by others in line, with most of the discussion focusing on the office’s large crowd due to Indigenous People’s Day.

Government Office as a Last Resort

The Department of Social Services West Valley office is a last resort for Los Angeles residents in need of urgent financial assistance, food stamps, and rental vouchers.

After a short wait, McDermott and his girlfriend were allowed into the building, where they passed through a metal detector.

They left after a brief 15-minute visit, returning to their shared rental home in the Valley.

Tori Spelling’s Perspective

On the same day, Dean McDermott’s estranged wife, Tori Spelling, marked their daughter Hattie Margaret’s 12th birthday on social media.

Despite their troubled marriage and financial struggles, Tori expressed her admiration for their daughter’s qualities.

The couple’s relationship had been strained for some time, leading to Dean’s announcement of their separation on social media.

The Financial Struggles

Tori and Dean faced financial difficulties and accumulated significant debt over the years.

This situation prompted multiple lawsuits from credit card companies. Tori attributed their financial troubles to her shopping habits.

Her father, Aaron Spelling, one of Hollywood’s most successful producers, left her only $800,000 of his $600 million fortune when he passed away, deepening the rift between Tori and her parents.

Dean McDermott’s Financial Challenges

In the current context, Dean McDermott’s financial situation appears challenging.

With a recent SAG-AFTRA strike and few acting gigs on the horizon, he is facing difficulties. His other ventures, like stand-up comedy and culinary pursuits, have also not taken off.

Dean’s previous marriage to Canadian TV host Mary Jo Eustace resulted in a divorce, and he has five children with Tori Spelling, whom he divorced earlier this year.

Despite past financial support from Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling, it seems that Dean is now navigating financial challenges on his own.