Unlocking the Language of Animals: Nikki Vasconez’s Journey from Law to Telepathy

Unlocking the Language of Animals: Nikki Vasconez’s Journey from Law to Telepathy

Nikki Vasconez, a former lawyer from Pennsylvania, has transitioned into an animal communicator, offering sessions at $550 each.

This 34-year-old has turned her newfound passion into a successful business, boasting a waitlist of over 7,600 people. In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Vasconez reveals the intriguing world of animal communication.

Discovering Animal Communication

Vasconez stumbled upon animal communication through a friend and quickly immersed herself in the subject, teaching herself the skill at the age of 28.

She claims that every human can learn this skill and emphasizes the role of lifestyle and awareness in the process.

The Technique of Animal Communication

According to Vasconez, animal communication involves a telepathic, non-verbal dialogue with the pet. She describes the process of receiving images, thoughts, and feelings, likening it to a two-way conversation similar to human interaction.

Learning the Skill

Vasconez underscores the importance of a healthy lifestyle and awareness in learning animal communication. She advises setting the intention to connect with the animal, closing eyes, and observing the thoughts and images that come to mind.

Practice and Validation

The former lawyer stresses the significance of practice, acknowledging that distinguishing between imagination and actual messages takes time. Vasconez recommends practicing with friends or family and emphasizes the role of validation from humans in building confidence.

Transitioning to Full-Time Animal Communication

Vasconez, after free practice sessions and working as an attorney, eventually transitioned into full-time animal communication. Her presence on social media, especially TikTok, played a crucial role in building a following and turning her passion into a sustainable business.

Sessions and Success Stories

Nikki Vasconez conducts one session per day, remotely connecting with animals through images. She recounts success stories, such as resolving behavioral issues and identifying illnesses that eluded veterinary diagnosis.

Handling Social Media Challenges

Despite her success, Vasconez acknowledges facing criticism and negative comments online. She shares her journey of learning to focus on the positive and handle social media challenges, recognizing that her work may seem unconventional to some.

Impact Beyond Sessions

In addition to individual sessions, Vasconez conducts workshops to help others develop the skill. She charges for classes and offers a monthly program for those eager to delve deeper into animal communication.


Nikki Vasconez’s journey from lawyer to animal communicator highlights the potential for anyone to learn the skill of connecting with animals through telepathy. Her thriving business and positive impact on pet owners underscore the growing interest in unconventional forms of communication and understanding between humans and animals.

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