Ojoma Ochai’s Two-Decade Career, from Arts Director to Leading CcHub and Pioneering Bitcoin Development in Africa

Ojoma Ochai’s Two-Decade Career, from Arts Director to Leading CcHub and Pioneering Bitcoin Development in Africa

Ojoma Ochai’s Curiosity-Infused Career: Navigating Creativity and Technology in Africa

Ojoma Ochai, a renowned creative and digital economy expert, has built a distinguished career spanning two decades at the intersection of the creative industry and the tech sector in Africa.

Known for her curiosity-driven approach, Ochai currently serves on the boards of various companies and projects, including CcHub, the Expert Panel on Diversity and Cultural Expressions, and BTrust.

Rapid Ascension in the Creative Industry: From Arts Assistant to Director

Starting as an arts and administrative assistant in 2006, Ochai quickly climbed the ranks at the British Council.

By May 2010, she became the director of arts in Nigeria and West Africa.

Her journey continued, and by 2018, she held the position of director of programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, where she delved into creative economy projects across the continent.

Curiosity Unleashed: Ochai’s Tech-Infused Exploration of the Creative Sector

Driven by her background in tech, Ochai’s curiosity led her to explore the impact of technology on the creative sector and social space.

Her research journey eventually led her to CcHub, where she is now dedicated to making emerging tech mainstream.

Leadership in Bitcoin Non-Profit BTrust: A Transformative Venture

Ochai, alongside two other Nigerians, Khalil Nur Khalil and Obi Nwosu, serves on the board of BTrust, a bitcoin non-profit founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and rapper Jay-Z.

Her transformative work at BTrust began with a deep curiosity about how arts and culture practitioners leverage tech, ultimately leading her to the fascinating realm of bitcoin.

CcHub Leadership and the Convergence of Creative Industry and Digital Economy

In 2021, Ochai joined CcHub, co-founding the creative economy practice. Analyzing creative industries and digital economies across 94 countries, she observed the intertwining of their value chains.

As the newly appointed Managing Director of CcHub, Ochai aims to expand thematically, focusing on emerging tech like blockchain, AI, and intelligent automation.

CcHub’s Thematic Expansion and Support for Startups

Expanding thematically, CcHub under Ochai’s leadership will pay attention to emerging tech such as blockchain, AI, and intelligent automation.

The company currently supports 24 startups, primarily in edtech, with a focus on non-dilutive capital and six months of acceleration.

Future Focus on Climate and Environment: A Call for Innovation

Beyond tech, Ochai aims to bring mainstream attention to climate and environment.

Recognizing the impact of climate change on health and the economy, CcHub will support founders in building solutions to adapt or mitigate these changes.

Predictions for Digital and Creative Economies: Robust Business Models and Specialized Services

Ochai predicts the emergence of more robust business models for the content industry, moving beyond traditional linear models.

Intellectual theft remains a challenge, and she anticipates increased infrastructure investment and specialized services in the creative industries, creating a thriving ecosystem.