Everton’s Ongoing Points Deduction Saga Sparks Accusations of Collusion and Urgent Calls for Resolution

Everton’s Ongoing Points Deduction Saga Sparks Accusations of Collusion and Urgent Calls for Resolution

In a dramatic turn of events, former mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has raised serious concerns about what he perceives as a plot against Everton in relation to their appeal over a 10-point deduction.

Anderson alleges collusion between the Premier League and the independent panel responsible for reviewing the deduction, asserting that the delay in reaching a verdict is allowing damage to persist.

The controversy unfolds against the backdrop of Everton’s precarious position in the Premier League standings, with potential implications for their survival.

Accusations of Collusion and Urgent Appeal:

Expressing his disbelief at the prolonged delay, Anderson took to social media, stating that it is inconceivable that the review panel has not reached a decision.

He accuses the league and the panel of colluding to prolong uncertainty and harm to Everton. A passionate lifelong Everton fan, Anderson concludes his statement with a rallying cry for a swift resolution, emphasizing the hashtag ‘#decisionnow.’

Background on Everton’s Points Deduction:

The crux of the matter lies in Everton’s appeal against a 10-point deduction imposed in November for breaching Premier League spending rules.

The penalty stems from Everton’s exceeding of permitted losses under the league’s profitability and sustainability rules for the seasons leading up to 2021-22.

The staggering financial losses of nearly £372 million over three years surpassed the Premier League’s guidelines, leading to the harshest points sanction in its history.

Impact on Premier League Standings:

The repercussions of the deduction have placed Everton precariously at 17th in the Premier League, level on points with the relegation zone.

Without the penalty, they would comfortably secure the 12th position. The appeal’s outcome holds significant weight not only for Everton’s current standing but also for their chances of avoiding relegation.

Political Opposition and Public Sentiment:

Current Liverpool mayor Steve Rotheram has joined the chorus of disapproval, labeling the points deduction as ‘ludicrous.’ He has formally communicated his deep concern and opposition to the Premier League.

The resonance of discontent is palpable among Everton supporters, evident in their vocal protest during the fair play handshake at the recent match against Crystal Palace.

Potential Arbitration and Further Repercussions:

If dissatisfied with the appeal outcome, Everton retains the option to pursue arbitration, a move that could intensify the discord between the club and the Premier League.

The process involves a single arbitrator, and Premier League rules dictate that Everton must declare their intent to go to arbitration within two days of the appeal verdict.

This decision holds significant weight as it may lead to a hearing in a matter of days, adding a new layer of complexity to the ongoing saga.

Historical Disciplinary Challenges and Pending Allegations:

The Premier League’s handling of disciplinary matters has faced criticism in the past, notably last season when proceedings against Everton were not concluded before the campaign’s end.

Everton faces another charge of breaching profitability and sustainability rules alongside Nottingham Forest, with a hearing scheduled by the end of March.

The outcome of this second case could potentially result in additional point deductions, further increasing the threat of relegation for Everton this season.


As the controversy surrounding Everton’s points deduction appeal continues to unravel, the allegations of collusion, political opposition, and potential arbitration loom large.

The outcome of these proceedings not only shapes Everton’s destiny in the current season but also raises broader questions about fairness, transparency, and due process within the Premier League’s disciplinary framework.

The fervent calls for a prompt decision underscore the urgency and significance of resolving this ongoing saga.

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