Illbliss Slams Phenom Over Disparaging Remarks on Mode 9: Defending Hip Hop Legends

Illbliss Slams Phenom Over Disparaging Remarks on Mode 9: Defending Hip Hop Legends

“Phenom’s Controversial Statements on Mode 9: A Departure from Hip Hop Tradition”

In a recent interview on The Yarns podcast, rapper Phenom stirred controversy by expressing his disinterest in following the path of Rap veteran Mode 9.

Phenom outlined his preference for commercial success akin to that of Phyno and described his aspirations, citing a visit to Phyno’s opulent home.

“Illbliss Expresses Disappointment: Defending Mode 9’s Legacy”

Illbliss, a respected figure in the Nigerian rap scene, took to Twitter to express his disappointment with Phenom’s remarks.

He emphasized that even Phyno, a contemporary artist, would not disrespect the Hip Hop pioneers who paved the way.

Illbliss corrected Phenom, highlighting Mode 9’s status as a living legend and stressing the rapper’s significant contributions to Hip Hop culture.

“A Clash of Perspectives: Illbliss Criticizes Phenom’s Disregard for Hip Hop Pioneers”

The Twitter exchange between Illbliss and Phenom exposes a clash of perspectives within the Nigerian rap scene.

Illbliss stands firm in defending the legacy of Mode 9 and underscores the importance of acknowledging the trailblazers who shaped the industry.

“Respecting the Roots: Illbliss Advocates for Hip Hop Tradition”

Illbliss’ response to Phenom’s comments serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting the roots of Hip Hop and honoring the contributions of pioneers like Mode 9.

The incident sparks discussions about the evolving dynamics and values within the Nigerian rap community.

“The Impact of Words: Phenom Faces Backlash and Reflection”

Phenom’s comments and the subsequent backlash from Illbliss prompt reflection on the influence of words within the music industry.

As the controversy unfolds, it raises questions about the responsibility of artists to honor the legacy of those who came before them and the evolving landscape of Nigerian Hip Hop.

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